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  1. And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad The dreams in which APB isn't dying are the best I've ever had I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take When companies run in circles it's a very very Mad world, mad world
  2. What difference does it make if I'm not completely aware of how system works if it doesn't work as it should. You're not complaining about game creating missions for you because system does it's job. If it would have created an objective to raid a door wich is out of the map preventing you and your team from proceding then it has fatal errors and fails as a system, people would have still complain about it whatever they know or not how it works, same goes for game optimization. Threat system should define players to different categories based on how they play creating a better conditions for fair matchmaking. So far it fails. And this what i explained in this thread. Not why it fails, but that it does fail. So I'm not really seeing your point.
  3. I'm not mad over details, it's just your "summary" is inaccurate, meaning you got things wrong and im trying to clarify it for you
  4. I don't consider myself a gold player. Even if I team up with random players I had a good match with (by pressing 'y' on "do you want to stay with your team?" message), most of the times I warn them that I'm a bad gold.
  5. Knew someone is going to joke about me bringing up popular games like R6 and CS GO Hm, if that means RIOT going out of beta then it does make sense. And i know content is planned, what I meant is realising it all like in 1 day.
  6. Plus I didn't say RIOT<EU, so maybe next time you read more carefuly? First of all I mentioned that riot is not a bad thing, and only explained why I think releasing fixes, new content and EU AT THE SAME TIME could be better for APB
  7. I made an example there with STAR, but it's not about STAR itself and as far as I know it's so "rare" now cause it was considered bad and noone was buying it, so they removed it. You can still get it in Joker store. At the start you get a perma gun selector , so why can't we get more as we spend 500 hours on getting to that Devil Dog or Ernst. You can call it complaining, but I'm pretty sure I'm not complaining but rather adressing real issue APB has.
  8. Before I begin. I love apb and everthing good that this game has to offer. Even tho I'm an old player (since 2013) I never played this game for too much. I play for week - two, for month and then I mostly leave it for a half of the year. I started playing more constantly since G1 been bought by LO and I never woud've write any of this since I know my opinion is just "add it to the pile" but I really want to talk about the stuff I'll adress. Okay, good to know, so what's your freaking problem? I'm not gonna adress all the optimization issues and matchmaking, simply because it's topic since ever, I guess. Yes, I think matchmaking should be reworked simply because 1gold,3 silvers VS 3 T-players match is complete and utter bullshoot, not to say 1 V 1 missions shouldn't exist at all. Optimization should be impoved and I know it's not coming until 3.5 atleast. While some of you not suffer from optimization, some of us do. I have a crappy laptop wich are giving me 40-50 FPS on max setting in APB with constant freezes, fps drops and crashes. But regardless if i'm playing on max setting or potato graphics using advanced launcher, low fps and freezes and crashes never leave. While it's really frustrating sometimes, I'm still dealing with dying because of freezes and with drops to 5 frames per second because somebody uses LMG or NFAS. I deal with all this stuff because there's no other way for me to play this game. But this is not what makes me really upset, this is not what makes me wanna quit the game. Guess you can really imagine now that APB is something special for me same as for all of us, I guess. What really makes me wanna quit the game is a threat system. I'm between regular silver player and superiorly good gold player. I can't play on silver bronze because in most of the cases I will get gold. I can't play on silver simply because i'm not that good. I'm tired of getting demolished, tired of doing my best just to instantly die. I want to enjoy the game, I want to just chill and relax not to get a depression because 9\10 matches I'm just being raped and teared to pieces. And if you're reading this and thinking "just get gud lul", just stop reading and leave. Silver district is punishment for me, for being too good for regular silver. I don't want to dethreat, why do I have to always dethreating to enjoy this game? I want players who are +- level of my skill. I want fair fights, I want to win, I want to lose, I want to have fun, I want to enjoy the damn game. For all this years of APB existence it wasn't really a problem since I wasn't that good to be gold and most of dethreaters were better than me, even tho I was dethreating from time to time myself. I hated dethreaters, I was sreaming in my mind "go to silver server for god's sake!". Not as I'm a bit better, when I play on silver I'm simply happy to see dethreaters (don't get me wrong, deathreating is not right, but now I understand why most of dethreaters doing this), because I know, that even they still can kick my patootie, I'm not that worse than they're, meaning there's a change i'll have a fair and fun game. When i'm playing on silver 4\5 matches look like this. My team: 3-4 players R30-100, golds, most of the cases 1-2 silvers. Enemy team: 2-4 players R200-255, in most of the cases same clan. And score 1/10, 3/15, 3/13 ect while enemy team just feasting on our agony with their 20\1 10\1 KDs. I can't predict every enemy move, I can't land my every hit with 100% accuracy, I can't throw a granade with perfect timing always hitting my target. I can't shot with N-tec like it's a laser rifle and got no bloom with TTK of 0.7 second while being 50m away, I can't land every shotgun hit while dodging all the bullets and outshot sniper with carbine on the distance when the game simply stops rendering players. Sure there was a fair matches in silver district, but why do I have to gamble everytime I press K for that 20% chance of fair and fun game. I met a guy I I became friends who happened to play APB in the past. He haven't played more than 100h hours because of the "unfair matchmaking and P2W guns" but I teached him to play the game, told him about it's not the guns, but the way you play and pick your loadout. He finally had fun with the game, untill he got gold. Now he doesn't want to play since it's unplayalbe for us in silver district and not everybody wants to spend time dying to dethreat. I know that @MattScott and LO overall knows that matchmaking should be fixed and I know that it's not coming until engine upgrade. But what I think is also should be mentioned and worked on is threat system. You simply cannot devide players into Silver and Gold. Specially in game like APB where skill plays a big role and a lot of people have different level of skills. I don't have to struggle to play the game only because I'm too good for silver and too bad for gold. Imagine games like R6 and CSGO having only bronze, silver and gold. (I don't want to talk about bronze cause if you're still bronze after 10 hours of missions, then you probably need 10 seconds of brain processing information to start shooting a standing enemy). You have to add more levels of threats, atleasts 6, shit, even 5 would be better! Why golds who are just better than regular silvers should play against players with years of non-stop playing and skill of an enormous level. This and broken matchmaking (plus a lot of other reasons) is why noone stays in this game. I love the game, but if I simply can not enjoy it, what's the point? Honestly this is first time when i'm having such a bad time with the game, and reason I haven't left yet only because I love APB and times when it can be fun game, besides APB has so much potential and you know there's no other game like APB. It drags me back, I can not leave, I don't want it to die, not yet, not until there's no better successor. My opinion on future of APB. While i'm still here might as well adress my thoughts on APB future and LO decisions as well as few suggestions on improving overall experience for players, specially new comers. First of all I want to thank @MattScott and LO staff for keeping the game alive. I understand that different people work on different stuff, not every LO employee have a knowledge of C++ and OPP required to work with engine not to mention time needed to figure out how APB works. (people sure really understand this). While I think APB is sure need content and RIOT is not a bad thing (if done right, can be super enjoyable) I feel like doing it separately from game engine is might be mistake. This is why: Most of people doesn't want to play game untill new EU and even if they return for new content they may just leave pretty fast since apb didn't change much. If you'd let your people work on new content and game engine and then fixing all major problems (perfomance, matchmaking) and release it all together I honestly think it woud've brought more old players and created an opportunity to advertise the game to people who never heard of it or heard of it's being not really a good game, create a whole "we turned apb into a new experience/made an new content and improved game/ or even apb2" thing making it interesting for more people. I feel like APB need a fresh start. Some of my thoughts how to make the game more friendly for newcomers and making them want to stay. Overall I think APB as it right now is not the game that everyone can enjoy for reason listed lots of times. Also please consider all already said major issues. 1) Refer-a-friend system. I know it's been abused in the past, but after all it's might have brought some players too. And even if it's abused, meaning people gonna spend time on APB getting those rewards and later stay in the game to enjoy and play with those rewards. I think it should be brought back. 2) Tutorial. Tutorial as it is i think it's something players ignore mostly, even i back in the day didn't know it's existed. You need to create a special level or mission where players must go over all basics of the game including how to use chat channels and customization. 3) Make the game more rewarding. Game is very grindy and not everyone are get along with it. Add rewards, add perma guns selectors through contracts. For example STAR LRC isn't that popular and even got removed from armas, why can't you then add it as something you can get from contracts? But anyway, I think this is something that deserves it's own topic. In general we all want APB to a better game we all can enjoy. Thank you for your time.
  9. I feel you so much Max settings Potato game by launcher These freezes just wont go away Best thing you can do is minimize amount of lags by disabling as many as possible procceses running at your pc Disable steam overlay, discord any other background app Restart pc, I don't know at this point This is pain
  10. You always so optimistic
  11. I also thought about this. Can't people just fastly change their items or money and click accept? I belive the solution to this is to give a timer after both sides accepted. 10 or 5 secons to cancel it if you see something is wrong.
  12. That's it pal Public enemy number 1
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  14. Trying to join a district, it was a real battle royale all along
  15. It appears symbols of girls receive a lot of likes. But how many likes with receive GODS OF METAL? Anyway, men of culture out there maybe? Do I need to upload other logos? ( Testament, Sodom, Kreator, Anthrax )
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