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  1. wasn't lates patch supposed atleast to try and fix that?
  2. Everytime I'm trying to join RIOT it's just crash, sometimes first it disconnects droping me to login menu and if I'll try again then it'll crash. It's been like this since first RIOT launch, and after this patch. Here's the pic of the crash report. If you'll tell me how to upload an attachment I can upload crash log and dmp along side with dxdiag.txt, all in archive.
  3. Not seeing " attack helicopter " there Offensive
  4. Guess fixing spawns in riot is a terrible idea since it was completely ignored even after second OTW
  5. My country currency can only be described as a meme "Wow, this is worthless"
  6. Ye, been wondering myself Have to tell them about my love to experience crashes everytime i'm trying to play "the big update"
  7. Wish i could play it without crashing lol
  8. Honestly I still think RIOT could be fun, but the execution is just awkwardly terrible. All this bugs, crashes, spawns since OTW haven't been changed at all, what've you been working on? NTEC compact? EAC? Honestly that "new glory" has one sticker on it and a color scheme, you already had the model. So please someone tell me what last 30 days were about? Hell, what this year was about? And what's with the testing? I get that you're a small company working on ancient system that easily can be broken, but what's up with the testing? Is it just bad testing or "broken, but ship it anyway" case? My hopes and dreams are on the edge of being destroyed and sorry, can't give thoughts on riot when I can't play it. Now I wonder how much time do you need to clean this mess.
  9. I didn't want to buy ATAC because of it's idle pose, but now as it changed I might gonna buy it after all, thanks for the screenshot.
  10. Soundwave2142

    RIOT 'New Game'

    Just don't press new game lol
  11. Try to get someone arested, see if you'll break the game by getting cop role
  12. Soundwave2142

    Weapon drops

    It's a feature, not a bug
  13. I see you trying to pull a sneaky one You ain't fooling me
  14. Managed to play one game, pressed yes to play another Game crashed Now im waiting for launcher to check all files Noice Crash again, this time right after I joined Double noice
  15. Still hoping Golden HVR SD to be reconsidered and replaced with non golden Golden stuff is stupid And I like my guns skinnable
  16. I would really want non-golden HVR Besides that , if you say it's only first wave, than it's pretty good. Let's make a second wave a bit sooner than a half of the year, and it'll be just perfect.
  17. bet if Matt would gave something free because of update delay people would be like "UmmMHMM FreE STuFF BecAUSE YOu Can'T make aNything Right? YoU WanT To bUy OuR FOrgIVnes For YOur IncoMpeTence? FrEE StUfFf WheREs EngIne UPgrAD?"
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