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    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    Aroa your plan wont work. The game is okay, it does needs some fixes, but going back to 2011 certainly wont work. It will just cut the game and will feel more empty and there would be a lot less to do. The newer maps are actually pretty nice.they only need a buff or there should only be certains mats at those maps to make it more interesting to go there. The armor and weapons are actually decently balanced (of course it always could be better balanced). It only lacks some variation, but that's no reason to go back to 2011. The factions are still the same, it's just that players care less about factions and became more clan focused. About the anti cheat. I think Matt already said a few times a better anti cheat is on its way. Don't forget it's very easy to set your settings on low reso and hit easier. What 50% of the people might do which you claim whom are cheaters. Also don't forget the majority of the cheaters used to be on your side!
  2. PraiseTheSun

    We Want You!

    Maybe just let it be and give them a chance? I think Matt has a short term plan.fix the code, transfer the code to a new server and blabla. So, I guess making that work and check out his possibilities with the new engine and such is what he wants to do first before telling us what he wants to do exactly. I can't imagine he'd start a project (fixing FE) withiut a global idea what he wants it to look like. We're in the phase that we just need to wait. But I do totally agree that I'd be nice to have a few of his ideas or suggestions what he think would be good for FE. Just so that we know how the future can look like.. I think a lot of old players are waiting the first updates and changes before installing FE.
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    We Want You!

    I must say that it is for the best to let them be unknown. Yes, the FE population is small, it's easy to pick out who is who.. however expecting the GM's will act more professional than on their normal acoount, it should be fine. If everyone knows who is which GM it can compromise their neutrality. I can assume it's easier to be "neutral" towards friends if they don't know it's you. Considering they don't tell everyone their real identity! Also like they said before IF there are any problems just report it and they'll (I hope) deal with it fast enough before there will be any issues.
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    Fallen Earth Progress

    What will be the plan on te long run? What will be done to attract new players? The starting zones are dead and the missions rewards are horrible. At level 15 most quit. Maybe make Global 1 f2p and unlock Global 2 after first payment, so it's easier for newer players to chat. Also, it gives global 2 a purpose. What will be done to bring old players back.. And maybe most important HOW will you keep them? Right now everyone logs in for one day and stop playing for a month. Like a new bloodsport mode or remodeled PvP zone. Maybe a player made town (like Citadel) in a PvP zone which is faction controlled (make the town a safe-zone for the PvE'rs or just give it guards). Like progress town, the faction who controls the most points will gradually take over. @MattScot
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    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    I hope that, besides the graphic improvement and fixing some of the serious issues, they will add or improve some of the content to make the game more interesting. Which hopefully bring back some old players, make people stay and not just plat one day.
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    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    @Aroa Croft They are updating the fe code atm and after that they'll most likely put the improved stuff on a new server. So, I doubt there will be any update untill then. Now we just wait till it's ready.
  7. PraiseTheSun

    Turn The Tides

    Lets just wait and see what will happen. I'm sure they'll figure something out. Lets not forget they ACTUALLY want to work on FE, which g1 didn't for a long time. I've played many years and I guess like many others I'm waiting for the first changes to play again. If I have to start over in a new, but hopefully better, server.. So be it. I love FE and I think we should give FE2 a shot. Not sure what is better.. No items but (assuming it will be more active) people to play with. Or vaults, clan vaults and mounts full with items and a dead game.
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    But is fishing really needed? I mean, maybe at some point, after they would add content to keep players busy, it could be fun. Right now it's quite pointless and fun for 5 minutes at most.
  9. PraiseTheSun

    It has been 3 months.

    I totally get it that LO is working hard on all tickets and on the games, which I think we (the whole community) really appreciate, so that it takes a little longer to respond on a ticket is logically. However it is nearly 3 months now and still no response. It's really taking too long.
  10. PraiseTheSun

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Yes, his idea's aren't on the same line as most what the community wants. However, let's just see what will happen. We get to hear what Matt his idea's are and what will happen and hopefully most of our questions answered.
  11. 1) Will the mini game Blackjack be available? 2) Will there be something done to bring the little population we have left at the moment together? (As a faster harvester speed when you have x amount of keeps in The District or anything else to bring RP,PvP and PvE together.) 3) Add a bong! With a nice animation where you can smoke the bong, which gives an unremovable buff and debuff. Like x amount of social as buff, but your strenght and perception debuffed by x amount for an hour. Would be a good marketplace cosmetic item!
  12. PraiseTheSun

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Let's just be very happy that this Q&A will be held! Most likely no one else volunteer to do the stream. Besides, Nysek will only be asking OUR questions. Let's hope we can get a better view what will happen to the game and see our questions answered!
  13. PraiseTheSun

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    @Aroa Croft please our special spanish flower grown up people talk.
  14. PraiseTheSun

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    I agree with @Kinksta. I'm glad that they are doing the Q&A anyway. They haven't chosen the best person for it, but at least we get one! So, I'm grateful for that.
  15. PraiseTheSun

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    I'm very glad the stream is happening! Thanks LO.
  16. PraiseTheSun

    FAST mail service???.....

    Mail system works fine, it's a bit of clicking, but oke.
  17. PraiseTheSun

    Old Premium Item Released

    I'm sure we will eventually get new items. Right now they're working to get FE to a new engine. Read Matt's post about the state of the game.
  18. PraiseTheSun

    Q&A FE

    Title says it. Will FE still get their Q&A with @MattScott?
  19. PraiseTheSun

    How I think Little Orbit is doing with APB Reloaded.

    It is still worth checking out! The game is very unique and still enjoyable. End game is very pvp orientated. That is where lag starts to hit you really hard.
  20. PraiseTheSun

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    At least not everyone will say after every fight "cheater" anymore. Note: only a few people actually cheated. For sure lag is the top 1 issue. Hell.. Lag is even the top 1,2,3,4,5 issue. After that some of the many bugs and after that I would say some of the content.
  21. PraiseTheSun

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    The update is very apperciated! Cheaters aren't a big issue, or at least not the biggest. I think lag is the biggest issue since it disturbs all types of gameplay. Honestly, but this can be my opinion, the people who used low reso for better aim don't even aim good. Let them just use it, but at the risk they won't be taken serious by the community.
  22. PraiseTheSun

    How I think Little Orbit is doing with APB Reloaded.

    For some of the issues you need to play the game. However one of the major issue it is facing for a long while is the lag. People and npc's will teleport like miles away from the map and then when they return a few seconds later you all the sudden get all their hits registered on you as example. The lag also gives craft issues, skill delay, chat delay etc, etc. It's really server lag since everyone suffers from it. If only the lag could be fixed already it would help the game a lot and make it more playable already. For the other issues LO should really check our forum section. There are quite a few things listed in there and with idea's what could solve it.
  23. PraiseTheSun

    How I think Little Orbit is doing with APB Reloaded.

    It's logical. You focus on your "main" game first and the others second. However, there are a few situations in FE which are really destroying the game and driving away all new and old players who came back. Thus once again very few players are around. If they could fix a few of the bigger problems (I know that isn't easy, especially because the type of problems) people would stay a bit more around and perhaps it can be "revived" for a bit. I already wait 2 months and still counting for a respond ..
  24. PraiseTheSun

    How I think Little Orbit is doing with APB Reloaded.

    They should start doing an excellent job on Fallen Earth. Right now it's quite abandoned. Also, the respond time on tickets remain insane.
  25. PraiseTheSun

    Some idea's

    Hey! This game has many issues. I'm sure LO is aware of it. First of all, I think the warp/lag issue has to be fixed. In another post there was a short term solution which might work. Force /timesync every x amount of minutes. This shouldn't be too hard (I suppose) to be done. It does reduce the warp/lag you see on screen from another player slightly, but every bit counts. In the long run there should be a more permanent fix on the warp/lag issue. It makes PvP legit horrible. It are not some little lag issues, more like a player warping around all over your screen. I hope LO knows that this is a big issue. Second, I think there should be something done on reuniting the community. As I remember most people are just jumping on tents, waiting for bloodsport. This of course is not how this game is supposed to be. My suggestion about this is making PvP-zones, keeps and harvesting worth it again. This game has a very nice lore, however PvP-zones is where end-game used to be. I would recommend to make one PvP zone (personal favorite is the District) optimized. FE has many PvP-zones which are empty. One or Two PvP-zones should be enough to not split the community too much. -If keeps would provide some sort of buffs keeps might be worth it. Like every x amount of keeps give you a higher tier buff. Like higher DT (deathtoll) gain, x% higher speed that your harvester drop nodes. The faster drop rate of nodes from harvesters might make it for PvE'ers and PvP'ers more attractive to harvest again. -Maybe improving the amount DT you gain in PvP zones might make it more interesting for PvP'ers to PvP in a PvP-zone instead of just doing bloodsport. -Make factions important! Back in the game a lot of people were bound by their faction. Nowadays a lot of people just fight for their clan, this isn't something bad, tho. However, in PvP-zones you do fight for your faction. Often you will notice people do fight their own faction just for the sake of PvP. In some other games I have been playing there are some systems with "Faction ranks". As example you can fight for your rank or simply use a vote system depending on the faction lore. Within Chota and Trav a fight system where the winner wins the rank or where your rank can be challenged could be totally awesome. Just looking at the faction's lore. This could make people more determined to fight for their faction. In case, this gives non PvP'ers an unfair advantage, however it would follow the lore of the game! The PvP-community is an important aspect in this game. If there would be no PvP'ers, crafters would have less jobs! This is of course my opinion. Another thing which crossed my mind. Make more bosses like the gore bosses. It does unite people to fight a boss. Introduce new items, gear or weapons which need items from special (strong/non solo/duo-able) bosses. I would recommend that you do still need a lot of DT to create those things, so that PvP-zones attract multiple types of players. Since PvP-zones are in this game for more reasons than just to fight. For just some simple mindless fighting there is bloodsport. I hope the LO will read this and that the community would add some more idea's! Greetings!