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  1. 22 hours ago, BluSoul said:

    I like that, I think they should make a truck based off of the Ford Raptor, same with a Hummer.

    For a truck like that, I think the Coywolf approach would be better. Have a regular "boring" variant (i.e Veo) and then release a sportier variant with new bodykit (i.e Coywolf).

  2. What I would like is a sticky post in the Bug Reporting forum section that would detail bugs that have become known thanks to bug reports. I've submitted two bug reports in the past, but it's disheartening to not know if a bug you reported is being worked on, or even known about at all. Adding a post in this fashion would help stop having several bug reports on the same issue, as well as helping keep the community informed on what's currently being worked on. I hope the forum staff will consider this proposal.

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  3. I know vehicles are a bit low on the priority list, but here are some variants I think would be nice to see:


    Nulander Kurai UCS: Based off of a Escalade EXT, the UCS replaces the Kurai's traditional trunk with a bed and tailgate. Gains cargo space, but has less hitpoints compared to a regular Kurai.


    Han Veo Estate: A wagon version of the Veo, similar to the Balkan Ravan. Gains cargo space and hitpoints, but corners and accelerates worse. (Possibly with Coywolf kit and variant for 4x4?)


    Balkan Varzuga RPS: Based off of a Ford Focus RS, the RPS brings sporty styling and sports car performance to the table. A straight upgrade to the Varzuga, hsving identical hitpoints but cornering and accelerating better with a higher top speed. Also 4x4, similar to the Rally XS "Newbie".


    Balkan Ravan Familia: A sedan Ravan with longer trunk area, the Familia corners and accelerates better with less hitpoints.


    Patriot T-25 SWB: A shorter version of the Patriot T-25, the SWB features a removed crew cab with identical bed length. Offers very improved performance, but less hitpoints compared to the regular T-25. Only seats 2 while maintaining identical cargo capacity. 


    Seiyo Espacio Hauler: A purely cargo variant of the Espacio, the Hauler loses the ability to seat more than two, but offers the best cargo space in San Paro, beating the mighty Ceresco. Performance identical to regular Espacio besides cargo space and seating. Criminal faction exclusive.


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  4. I've heard ramraiding is a great way to earn money as a Criminal, but my ingame experiences have differed. I drop off at $2500 at Notoriety 4 to avoid the Enforcers that sometimes prowl around empty districts to witness ramraiders. But, I've found my earnings are very sub-par for time invested, and a few good missions could provide the same cash along with standing and role leveling bonuses. How do I improve my ramraiding?

  5. On 7/12/2019 at 2:32 PM, Eisena said:

    Yes boots like that would be hugely appreciated. I am all in favor of more boots in this game.


    Also, more leather in general.

    Yes please. No tacticool outfit is complete without a good pair of boots.

  6. Considering (at least in my opinion) the current skin rewards don't match the mode, I'd like to know what the community would like to see.


    Personally,  I'd like to see a full riot gear set. Helmet with clear visor (visor lowered/raised variants), the chunky arm/torso/leg armor, knee and elbow pads to fit with the armor, a holstered baton, (left and right leg variants), and a riot shield worn on back.

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  7. I feel this. I'm Rank 100 on my Criminal character and Silver threat. If I try to play Silver District, I'll be curbstomped by Golds. If I play Bronze, I get curbstomped by the same people! Sure, there will be some newbies and mid ranks like me sprinkled in, but these dethreaters are the majority. These dethreaters are killing the game, and no one bothers to do anything because "that's the way it is" and "just get good". Makes me livid.

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  8. Summary: Destroy Store objectives cannot be completed as Criminal.


    Description: On missions such as "No Unaccompanied G-Kings" which require the Criminal team to shoot and destroy stores, one of the stores in either the first or second mission stage will appear as if it has been destroyed, but shooting it or using explosives near it will have no effect. The objective will never complete, and the mission will always time out with an Enforcer victory.


    Steps to reproduce:

    Play a mission with a Destroy objective featuring a store.


    Times recreated: 66%


    Expected results: The mission becomes unwinnable.

    Results: This may or may not happen, currently have recorded a 2/3 ratio.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Glaciers said:

    without premium each item of clothing is limited to 3 symbols of up to 25 layers each iirc, not really close to infinite


    i go back and forth on this tbh, as someone with both premium and f2p accounts you definitely feel the difference - but isnt that the point?


    and customization is a pretty large draw (or it was, when this game wasn’t at rock bottom) for new players, so limiting it feels counterproductive, but at the same time every increase in f2p access directly devalues premium  


    ultimately i guess premium isn’t really a big moneymaker (further supported by orbits intentions to lower the price of premium when/if the riot pass is implemented) and the game is in a pretty bad state anyway, giving something to f2p players probably won’t hurt 

    Must have forgotten about the limit, thanks for the heads up.

  10. Now, before I get into the meat of the post, I understand it's needed to provide benefits to Premium to promote sales. However, I feel that the limit for decals on cars without premium is currently too low. In my opinion, it would be best to raise the limit somewhere in the range of 15-20 decals. This would allow more flexibility, while still providing a large benefit for premium users. 

  11. Summary: The Gunslinger role will not count kills made with the Obeya FBW.


    Description: The role did not progress after I made kills with the FBW in 3 scenarios. First, a kill where a teammate damaged the target with a different weapon. Second, a scenario where I damaged a target with a different weapon but made the kill with the FBW. Finally a kill where all damage was made with the FBW. All three did not advance my role.


    Steps to reproduce:

    Kill an enemy with the FBW and check the Gunslinger role in the J menu.


    Times recreated: 100%


    Results: Role failing to progress.



  12. 9 hours ago, CombatMedic02 said:

    I feel like the cooldown would be fine if it matched the field supplier one. I agree with your second point, it should only start the healing or increase the speed of the healing if you are in cover and not taking damage. I guess it could be used by enemies but maybe if it wasn't that would be an advantage over using the sprays? I mean, it's not like enemies can use your field supplier. I guess it would depend on how you deploy the medkit? But yeah, it should be well balanced obviously, just figured it would be nice to have more supportive orange mods.


    The reason I suggested "Can be used by enemies" is because based on your description, it would be an item that is placed down, leaving the placer free to move, while Field Supplier prevents the user from moving or interacting for a short time.

  13. The fact that this is even possible is insane. Gold in Silver isn't so bad (Silver District has become Gold District) but the fact of the matter is, Bronze District is (usually) a mixed space of Bronze and Silver players, However, Golds who are afraid of losing their shiny badge will go there to curbstomp noobs and less experienced players. This means that new and medium-experience players have to go up against Golds that are usually 255, and have much better equipment (Character perk slots, modded guns, legendaries, slotted cars) leading to unfun steamrolls of the non-Gold players. This is also directly harmful to player retention, as new players get put up against said Golds, then get frustrated and quit.

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