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  1. Hi, After the migration of the server all my old toons has lost its achievements, my 4 old 55s has 0-50 points. But my 3 toons I created a year ago, around the time LO took over, has all? or most off the achievements still. Hope this is something that can be looked into, I like the historical data it contained with all the dates for the different achievements.
  2. Ohh, didn't fit YOUR view did it? for many crafters it does and did, and no from a questers view of things I will not skip anything if I was to do the leveling again... But hey it's all about YOU and your vision, just remember that the MMO community has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years. The reason it worked pre-gore was just one thing, not the gear or anything, it was the players and the population. In fact GORE is now completely irrelevant, so are all the slots on the char page for gear...... But goodbye, will be my last post here for a looong while.
  3. It's due to a problem with lag that happens when the server runs several days between restarts. Usually takes 70-90 minutes.
  4. And moved out of EU 'prime' time. But into somebody elses prime time.
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