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  1. Check the "Tracking Customer Support" thread under Social. Matt updates us weekly on their turn around on tickets.
  2. Some fantastic edits, high quality clips (both content and graphically). Audio mixing is well done, the music themselves are well chosen and not overbearing in the clips, neither is ingame sound. Hopefully your future videos are like this, as they are very impressive. Keep it up!
  3. There's one that I like (I forget the names), that fires very quickly and kills in 2. It's quite strong and fun to play. Not good in the context of the meta though
  4. Well that explains it. Thanks.
  5. Nice to see you back making videos.
  6. Not a fan. Low ingame graphics quality, music doesn't really fit in my opinion. Not much variation in the clips themselves. It's an alright starting point, perhaps check out some well received videos from the past.
  7. Thanahr

    No objectives in game?

    It's known to happen when you switch character, I haven't come across it happening in cases other than that.
  8. I too don't understand why server status and announcements...aren't in that section. Maybe mirror it so one post is for discussion, the other just for the announcement.
  9. If you've had enough of the game, just don't play it. Other people still enjoy it, why get rid of their fun? That's just selfish.
  10. Thanahr

    EU - No Joker Tickets?

    Thank you both, I attempted to see if they knew about it to no avail. Appreciate the responses
  11. I didn't receive any joker tickets at the start of the week - the reward tiers are both still showing gold and that it'll end in 6 days.
  12. As far as we're aware, they're still behind on support tickets but quickly catching up. It takes a while for tickets to get looked at and answered. Just be patient.
  13. Ever since the server provider changed, I'm getting constant crashes on EU. Not sure what's going on, but just letting you know.
  14. No problem at all. It took a while to process my login, but I imagine that's just due to the vast number of people attempting to login.
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