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  1. 5 hours ago, EDDYWRECKER said:

    I feel like I say this daily. To all new players,

    if you havent noticed ITS AN OLD BUGGY ENGINE THAT IS BEING UPGRADED, and lag, this would explain 99% of teleports and people not dieing when they should,

    also Fragile and the injection speed boost this is 99% of most speed haxusations

    Players being better than you and knowing where your noob as is, this would explain 99.9% of wall hack accusations.

    This is a L2P thing and as NotZombieBuiscit says, ADD IT TO THE PILE!

    Look at your own playing before you start making shit up and adding to the invalid unfounded crap. 


    Record, post it and then we can have a REAL discussion about this.



    Daily investment protection defending cheaters. Add it to the pile.

  2. 8 hours ago, MrsHappyPenguin said:


    40M range. 4.2 accuracy at 10M in MM (RFP 6.4). 0.78 ttk (lower than nano and FBW).


    If you can't take a player down with those stats, you might want to consider joining the bronze districts.

    Spread is huge, burst fire its really bad. Players are bullet absorbing it all the time. If you think that you can use the perfect ttk all the time at all ranges, you need to pass the tutorial bud.

    I would trade nano over it any time, but nerfing it so bad and making players lose millions is smart.

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  3. 13 hours ago, Mitne said:


    I put it in off-topic for once since I think it's more of thoughs and feeling of players than rational statistic based data... but sure if you wanna you can drop that one too.


    Basic question:

    "What do you think is BIGGEST current cause of playerbase fall down in numbers?"


    My personal though:

    Toxicity caused by players copuled together with unforgiving and a bit stupid learning curve.


    Frustration release allowed. I ask people to not downvote these comments, especially since I probably foresee such comments will be exact reason for that user to quit APB. But spam to enforce your opinion? Sure. Downvote all the way.

    I want to see if my point of view is any right in eyes of others.

    No, you can put it on general since its talking about the game, "Discuss all things APB Reloaded related here!".


    -First of all, cheaters/ spammers. They are roting apb and they need to seriously combat these bug people.

    -Low population

    -An objective that keep players glued to the game. Legendaries were a nice objective until they starting nerfing them and spam trash guns -everytime more and more trash-.

    -A more flexible way to rank up your characters. There are plenty of people that really enjoy playing other maps like FC and not action districts. Plus ranking up barely rewards the player. Meh i talked about this in other post and went completly ignored, w/e.

    -Some fresh air with new maps and modes. For some reason i really enjoyed transporting stuff in the toxic event and not just focused on killing.



    And yet, i have this crazy idea to make the game even more casual since they can't fight cheaters: lower ttk to a new average half second (just make weapons more powerful and letal); remove everything negative from mods (cars, characters, etc.); increase spawn time speed so everyone can kill each other more frecuently.

    In gral, making the game more enjoyable, challenging and easier.


  4. 6 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Daily 'I am silver and got destroyed so everyone must be cheating' thread.


    Add it to the pile.

    Posting this must be saving your life.

    Be glad that there are "daily im silver" threads that keeps you breathing.


    3 hours ago, LilyV3 said:

    how can they even handle bans if the ticket backlog is still month old.

    That's just spam.

    They should have some kind of filter for support tickets... there is an average of 500 players and i really doubt they are all sending help request.


    Maybe just acepting tickets from active accounts??? maybe???

  5. 59 minutes ago, Fortune Runner said:

    They alr4eady do.....

    Are you sure? Because ive been playing like for 3 days i think and ive seen blatant shit enjoying themselves so openly.

    Its depressing having 2 anticheats and volunteer gms taking so long to find out guys going full rage (well just removing finding out because that doesn't happen). Or is just them having so many unbanned accounts to play in that constantly switching characters troubles two anticheats? Are they actually working or just not?

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  6. 5 hours ago, Revoluzzer said:

    They did originally deal the same damage, which implies they do.

    Obviously one is an unwieldy, but accurate long-range sidearm, while the other is a quickly drawn, inaccurate CQC shooter and that's what sets them apart.


    Buffing the SNR to 350 damage would make it a more viable choice again. Combined with the attempt to make shotguns more reliable, while dealing less damage, the original reason for lowering its damage (iirc, shotgun -> SNR quickswitch) would be less of an issue, too.

    I am asking because i dont remember well. i think snr is a bit smaller than rsa and i am not talking about the barrel.

  7. Sometimes people making online games really underestimate the power of cheaters. There is barely anything they can do to really fight back, unless they are a whale company, but then they still failing at certain point.


    The only thing i like from blizzard is that they take legal action against cheaters, i absolutly love that.



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