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  1. Alright, thank you very much for your answers. Thanks for the update as always Matt. We appreciate your hard work guys.
  2. Alright, just to let you know guys the forums are lagging, i see notifications but comments appear after.. 5 minutes or so, same for 404, 505 errors and gateway.
  3. Well, at least you got less work to do now, Xbox is up, finally something. Let's wait about PS4 and then (i hope as soon as possible) also the PC. But.. wait.. Xbox servers from all regions are up? Or just NA?
  4. 1 month, then? What else you want? A coffee? ... 3 days apb is down, if they wanna be gentle they will give out the exact time servers have been offline.
  5. Dang, alright, thanks for your update. We are here to wait for the game to open, still if the EU will be on a different location, i want to be able to join it anyway.
  6. If you don't wanna play with 120ms and wait for the EU to come back where it was just don't play the game till the EU actually will come back, is not that difficult, is it? They're doing their best to bring the servers back online as soon as possible.
  7. Thanks for the update as always Matt, after all that will be resolved i think LO is going to Holiday/Thanksgiving and sleep for abit, you guys deserve relax.
  8. No worries, we're all here to wait, so why not help each orhers
  9. I also would prefer them, so much. Is not difficult to learn ntec recoil, isn't easy, i can understand that, but if you really want that you should be able to. In anyway everyone keep whispering and calling you cheater just because you make some kills and they don't, this community is.. unbelievable. If nobody posted nothing, i don't think so. Last update was from Matt
  10. No changes for rhe game itself but for the performance i think we will see less fps drops, less freezes and much better stability of the districts (maps). Matt said basically around 7 am PDT American servers should be up and for eu we need to wait a but more longer, EU will remain in new york for couple days due to missing equipment.
  11. x) you also got bored? Im waiting patiently. We will see in anyway
  12. Contact the support at https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us, nobody can help you in here. PS you will need to verify that you are the owner of that G1 account.
  13. Wednesday 9:00 AM PDT, the exact same time they do maintenance or patches, there wil be no one of them tomorrow. Merged. Any update on the current situation?
  14. Thank you also for that. And thanks to have that patience with this community, i can understand, isn't that easy.
  15. Thanks for the update Lixil, appreciate that. Tomorrow there will be maintenance? Also.. a patch? We all would love to know that.
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