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  1. I wasn't talking about that but about another issue, still thank you.
  2. Nice to hear that as i said, but i would prefer someone from LO to actually state it in a message, so everyone can keep going.
  3. Understood, thanks for your clarification but i think im going to wait till they will write that. Also, have a nice day
  4. Alright, sorry for this. And where i can find the message by LO saying they fixed the issues with the ARMAS?
  5. I don't suggest you to purchase any items on the ARMAS, its broken. I don't even think they are going to make Cyber Monday sales with all that mess around.
  6. Dang, what a lose .. i hope they are working to get everything fixed as soon as possible.
  7. I would love to hear some informations about char & clan names release.
  8. I thought the same. But i also agree with Frosi. Let's wait and hopefully see.
  9. Thanks for the update Matt... Let's sit and wait then.
  10. Of course, sadly there are so many issues right now, and i hope they are working on a way to fix them all. Let's wait and we will see.
  11. Approve, it wasn't perfect but at least something different and unique.
  12. Im also on vacation, so. Im pretty happy that im not wasting my time waiting for nothing to be fixed.
  13. So it wasn't a true game mode to stay permanently, as you said, it was needed just for understand how the game was working and to study all the differend codes in Live servers. Valid reply about the Thunder, everyone have different opinion and i do appreciate that. Can't be everytime the same. Maybe stop giving fake promises and make things to happen? Or you also forgot about name release, RUS language, can't even report players with these type of names etc. Im tired of this, also they seems to working on Another ARMAS overhal design.. which nobody asked for. The navigation and spme of the items are randomly into wrong sections and many users reported that. Even GM's sleeps always and don't seems to exist in districts. Now i found out that Mirele, Mina and others are out, so, as always nobody tells nothing about them, just disappear. The only one that i know is Feyer, there is another new one which i don't like at all because i have my reasons. Was better offline honestly, who thought was a good idea to put Citadel in NY AND give 7 days of premium which are useless because the social on jericho don't works, on citadel there is a lag which is ok for peoples like me with gorgeous internet connection (80/90ms), but who have a decent one, normal one that alredy lag with EU in the normal location.. he/she will have 400/500 if not more, and i know many peoples that can't even still login, so, yes, premium compensation is useless.
  14. Yes for that x), .45 is the best secondary. ntec ehh, i don't know but is cool. New legendary shotgun? o.o Nah. Im thinking of what it could be.
  15. BTW, was an error to give out 7 days of premium when: 1. Jericho without Social; 2. EU in NY; 3. Servers crashes; 4. Peoples that can't even login still; Probably more. Honestly i don't care if im being repetitive, you guys definetely made a bad move and decision, that's the only sure thing i can say, and is not the first time.
  16. 1. Honestly, i thought they were a bit more organized but as i can see they aren't, sadly. Im trying to putting more hope because i can't really leave this game, no other is similar to APB. 2. Agree under that point, not only buggy event but also useless ones and they just needed proper testings, like the last easter which had christmas dealers without the contacts to be presents (if i remember right), or it was last year halloween, idk. Not only RIOT was a failure but they didn't even priorly removed it, so yea.. nice one LO, since months peoples can't complete the tutorial, Matt said many times they were going to remove it completely but that moment never seen the light of the day, i am pretty disgusted to be honest. 3. The Shawstopper Thunder is the most stupid legendary i ever seen, i've had it for 3 times and for all of them, i sold it, becausei don't like the way it is made, it's unrealistic for what it should do, which is completely different. I wanna remember you that they didn't made the New Glory, you should call it with its original name, i don't know if you had this informations but this gun was alredy there since years, unreleased "NTEC7 Compact" and was made by G1, then LO released it creating the mod itself. You can't find the original model even into APBDB sadly, they replaced it with the new one. Not loke the other, the New Glory is cool, but im not that addicted to slow firerate speed. 4. .. You touched a critical point, but you are absolutely right, i have something like 4/5 years of premium, and 7 days is nothing for compensate the time wasted waiting, can't always works like that, like a child that want something and because the father or the mom don't know what to gift they just buy the same stuff over and over again, that child is going to be tired, before or later, and i am pretty tired about receiving premium, for what also, lagging on Citadel because its hosted in NY, nice compensation, really. Not Appreciated. I've got only 100ms up to 150/170, not more, but this is not the problem, the problem is that is visible the lag, the desync, the delay between your click and the thing happening on the screen, and that's annoying. I don't even know why they compensate now when everything is broken, they shouldn't gave out it now, but.. too late to say that. Nothing to say more, just that i also agree with your yellow sentences. Im not happy at all. PS i prefer them over G1 OF COURSE.
  17. So sad to see all this happening to apb, i hope everything will be fixed as soon as possible..
  18. Honestly, alredy to late. They needed to shut it down before all this, or at least at the first issue reported.
  19. Thank you Ritual, i was going to load up some G1C but i changed idea, im gonna wait till this is fixed. I've seen some of the players had this issue but i didn't thought was a general one.
  20. PC Services records Jericho, Citadel and Nekrova. Nelrova is still online that's why is saying that, but you can't access it.
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