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  1. APB won't be there in 50 years so pretty useless. 15 years are alredy enough, maybe too much.
  2. Alright, i wasn't expecting something like that, but i was wrong. Contrats once again, but please.. bring back EU to where it was and don't delay other updates. PS still waiting on char & clan names release and bug reporter+report broken for russian names.
  3. I would say good luck then. I hope everything will work as intended.
  4. Isn't useful for who like me have tons of years but at least you did extended it, thanks.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. . Im not surprised honestly. Maybe some >tests< before putting things into? Nah, not needed. But i know.. we as community should understand you. Well, i don't, at all.. and i am more than sure that nobody tested out them. Congrats again.
  7. That's right, i hope they will read the topics so they will find out thatr we mentioned that, but i think they alredy know about that.
  8. Friday is the day the ARMAS get new Limited Time Offer items, which are not the ones i mentioned. They do always update it before friday when new items come out, also preset ones, Tarot, Death and the other one, the first was wednesday or thursday. They also throw out the New Glory the same day because i remember, in the evening of wednesday. Anyway is not how it works, they should get more organized about times. We can't predict or dream about those dates everytime, if they don't know is not difficult > "Check back soon in the ARMAS to find them out." or simply "We actually don't know when exactly they will come out but we will be sure to inform you when this happen."
  9. "Adding in the new Blood Moon clothing line to Armas. This bundle consists of 3 different Blood Moon designs; Dragon, Unicorn and Wolf. After feedback from the community, preset clothing line bundles will also include the Decals used to design them." .... when? The main problem is that you guys write something and you don't give any ETA on when the actual thing will come. Wasn't difficult to add something like "Check back the ARMAS this evening to find out them", or anything you prefer. Didn't wanted to be negative but everytime you release something on the paid market we need to throw out dates and predict release for those items. Do you have any words about the ones from today update? @Amayii
  10. You can also check out server status here or here as you prefer
  11. If the district are Prototype ones and if peoples just need to test out stuff, why should i get kicked for tk my team mates while trying and in add pay for the ammo? I didn't got that.
  12. Thanks for the stats Selali, i will try them out tomorrow.
  13. Wasn't expecting something on the ARMAS honestly, i would prefer some bug fixes, but i do understand that you guys keep add new stuff to it for the community, i can finally buy something. Ah, and i also bought some merch from Redbubble, im honorated for that, really. I want to see what's next but is not possible. Impressed about those first changes to the shotguns and the ntec, let's see tomorrow. Thank you Selali! PS Agree with Lily Rain
  14. Oh god, please, dreaming about it rn.
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