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  1. Why not, i would love to have them all added, if not as standard ARMAS purchases maybe as Rewards behind Loyalty? The method based on how many G1C you have spent, you know about that like Euryale etc Not everything should be in every store but most of them i would say, because in that way you provide more ways for players to achive them in their inventories, if you want you can earn JT's and money through normal game activities and missions or fc, if you want to support the company ARMAS is there, i don't see nothing wrong in that part. "some have lots of mom's credit card and will gain weapons through ARMAS" Firstly first i don't use my mom credit card, i use my personal one, and second, no offense but everyone do what they prefer to do, if you don't want to buy them into the ARMAS but earn instead go ahead, nobody is stopping you but there is no need to think that whoever buy them with real money is just because of their parents. There are alredy things you can't collect, which are titles, symbols, old clothes and few others, we don't need more differences. I'm not that type of player who use only NTEC as weapon, i use pretty much all of them, depends on the situation, oh, and i prefer the CR-5 than NTEC. Old Glory is the real badass, not the "New Glory", is just another copy pasted NTEC. About the CAP40 well, would give a chance to who don't own the legendary gun to optain the non-legendary, like the showstopper. Also that, but like you said, that's a real dream. I would really love more LMG's in the game, there aren't to much yet like assault rifles or even snipers. I own both VBR Tempres and CAP40 NFCP 2, but there need to be a way to normal players for obtain them after all, refer a friend was fuc*ed and broken. Hahaha, well, that was a secure thing i want. Completely agree with you.
  2. As title says i would like to see what you guys want to be added into the ARMAS, because honestly there are couple weapons aren't into it alredy but still you can find them into the Joker Store or hidden behind some strange reward system.
  3. Alright, i understand what you talking about, but (i repeat), where is the proof of that happening? You can't be worried for something if that don't exist.
  4. Show the proof, don't make it so long, just post it, or you are worried about something?
  5. Wow, awesome news Matt, thank you very much, i hope Jericho players will enjoy more this game.
  6. Nice, i will try to partecipate into this but i got sh*t aim so, forget alredy even 1 kill or assist.
  7. Yeah, and the Yukon shouldn't exist in that way. Never thought legendaries are better, that's why everytime i find sometime i gift it away. Btw can close this topic, thanks alredy .
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