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  1. They have the rights for APB Reloaded, which means they can also rename it (i think), they own All rights about this game.
  2. Yes but if you wanted to throw a change for the Showstopper why you guys didn't even wrote it into the patch notes? No any mention to it, but you was going to put it into the changes on prototype districts. Edit: Sorry, im blind.
  3. No, that happens sometimes to most of the players, at least to 80% of my friends, me included.
  4. The support "could" do that (im not sure) even if it says they aren't, but not always, depends.
  5. Mhm no? You receive another message saying the description of it, that is another one. Maybe @ComFeyer know that
  6. Of course, i hope you will get that solved as soon as possible.
  7. If after that you still getting issues reply. Btw right now servers are offline, on all platforms.
  8. We can't help you here you need to contact the support and waiting for a response. Also, i don't suggest you to use Goggle Authenticator, is sh*t. Authy is much better, or Microsoft Authenticator also, these have backups and recoveries in case you lose the phone or the program bug out itself.
  9. Why didn't you made this at the beginning...? Any reason behind these strange moves? Now is more difficult because many peoples bought alredy it and the support will be flooded with tickets regarding it, Fantastic, again.. congrats. So do i need to contact support to get them to refund G1C to my account? Or this will be done automatically? Because as you wrote below "support is alredy aware of who has purchased the item", or that is applied only for who opened the ticket? Error after error, my head is close to explode for these. PS Also the 50% off seems broken, 40% off works also not logged in, strange free trial of guns and not actual discounts, what the heck is happening to you guys? Like.. put more interest into this game, don't rush for money, because as you can see.. well, i don't need to go forward. Also, what about new ARMAS overhal design and fixes? Any news about these? @Selali @Amayii They put a gun on a price slightly off, peoples charge more G1C just for it and maybe a car, then they announce that they will refund, but what? G1C or actual real money? Because if they refund G1C only on your account, well.. anyway is like you spent them in the game as always, is not different, would be.. you know.. interesting, that strange new marketing style.
  10. Same happening to me.. every 2/3 mins i can't switch camera angle or reload and i see ppls running into walls and also the whole my team, the chat works but everything other not.
  11. i got it by inviting and playing with my actual friends, who ever exploited it is a child, with offense.
  12. APB won't be there in 50 years so pretty useless. 15 years are alredy enough, maybe too much.
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