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  1. Agree with Mitne, honestly. If someone wanna collect stuff, well, in this game is impossible, you should stay online 24/7 and i swear to you, you will in anyway lose something, because like Mitne said, they just say random things in chat in different district, and you can't really know that, so, NICE. Im also missing that gun, sadly it isn't alredy here for halloween, i hope they will bring it back as soon as possible, this "New Glory" made me tired. for me it is only a N-TEC7 Compact, the only Glory is the LCR.
  2. No, because they ruined alredy so many others, so why not keep going with this?
  3. Another item lost, perfect. Hey, you wanna be a collector in APB? You can't. PS Who thought that was a good idea need to think better in the future.
  4. AlishaAzure

    Log-in Issues

    No problems, happy to be able in helping you
  5. AlishaAzure

    Log-in Issues

    The current response time is 19 days, If your ticket is older than x date (which is 22th October actually) , and they have not reached out, then I recommend updating your ticket and asking for status.
  6. Thanks, hope to see this fixed into the next weekly maintenance.
  7. Happy to hear that honestly, im also still waiting for it, together my friends. Also, the Demoness skin is bugged on some weapons, they're completely invisible from the player view, i had enemies with them in the past days and is not something i wanted to see after all these years.
  8. I hope it will be released soon, even if is in beta version.
  9. I also tried to get it but unfortunately couldn't.
  10. I also was thinking about that, would love to know them.
  11. I hope that's going to happen. PS im not overexagerating, im saying this because are actual facts.
  12. i didn't liked the halloween event but i liked the new rewards.
  13. I would love something like this, especially this year.
  14. Wip names delayed (canceled), together the remove of cyryllic characters, the report function is broken, all the glitches on halloween are still working, achivements hidden not fixed, server merge probably delayed (canceled), and the only thing remaining is the engine upgrade which im not totally confident with, seeing all that stuff being skipped. #NeverTM
  15. Opened a support ticket just because nobody cares about that into the forums, you can close it. @Amayii thank you in advance.
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