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  1. Can't check my tickets or click on some things, are you guys updating it?
  2. I will update the quote too, don't worry
  3. Mina asked you to DM her, not post in here but in anyway no problems xd Is funny how you can buy how many guns you want but if you reach the limit you are FU**ED. This thing is.. ANNOYING, really, so much. And yes, i needed to delete many of my purchases because i needed others to redeem.
  4. If APB will be on the next PS, which isn't alredy officially confirmed by Sony, that means PC, PS4 and XB1 updates will be stopped like in the past and the current state where G1 had to do the older versions. - I think no, PS4 and the next PS will have different specs and different framerate/stability and much more, can't be a thing. - Possible? But i don't know. - APB will not be stopped on PS4, they still working to have a good and stable build, this would mean throw a finished work into the trash bin instantly after made it, nosense logic. Crossplatform from PC to console? mhm.. okay, keyboard and mouse versus controller, different devices, different framerate, different stability, different systems, different specs.. it's just not impossible but would be a stupid move (no offense). Nice one, i agree No, it isn't, just some informations, the guy who talked in the Interview stated about a "Next Console", haven't alredy a name. APB on both XB1 and PS4 is horrible, not like when G1 released it but isn't alredy 100% stable and good.
  5. Before talk just wait, you don't even know how it will be, you can't say that, sorry.
  6. 1. Agree Disabling whispers no, i would make an option for you to can take it off so no others can whisper you except friends or GM's. 2. Agree 3. I don't know, this seems to be a bit esagerated, like.. you need to pay attention to the game not to the game chat 4. Agree but not only for that, the possibility to customzie the HUD how you prefer, the entire UI 5. Honestly, i can't imagine, isn't facebook or instagram or whatsapp, it's just a videogame
  7. Client version: Summary: Consumables don't work properly Description: Character Consumables don't work properly, can only be destroyed by chatacter/vehicle collision Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game 2. Login to character 3. Join Any Dynamic Event 4. Deploy any consumable on the ground and shoot it/throw granades or rockets, whatever you want, will see nothing happen 5. Video Demostration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK1AcUEoIQc How many times have you recreated this bug: 5/5 Results: Can't do any damage to consumables Expected results: Can damage and destroy consumables like in a normal district
  8. I will reply next time, no problems. Detailed places appear in many spots on both financial, waterfront and FC districts, are just closed and you can't enter them. I could be able to do screenshots and verify them but isn't a normal way of doing something, i should glitch out from the map and do other strange things, what i don't want do do for just a few screenshots, you can get videos too about them, just by finding the right clip on youtube or twitch or dailymotion and other websites to upload files. So much old, but yes, they are still there, there isn't really a way anymore to access them in-game, well.. yeah.. only glitching, not normally. There are also few places totally hidden from the map which you can't even see from the exterior and you can clearly see that on APBReloaded trailers and videos published years ago. I want to answer to the last thing you wrote. I appreciate what you saying, obviously, but i don't feel i want to be perfect in that language, i mean.. i learned English only for play videogames and understand in a better way the other part of the world, my primary is Italian so im not even worried if i do errors, is normal, and, like i said above, i don't need to be perfect just because i wanted only to understand and let others to understand me, thats the important thing for me.
  9. This Forum area should work as intended, devs/mods should teorically read them all and save essential points to do etc, probably thinking if is good or not. I don't really know if all this works fine because i have always tried to share my feedback and suggestions on many things, too under Bugs & Issues but never received a reply/comment from them. P.S. i know i am not who you mentioned but i wanted to give an answer by myself as well.
  10. They said are going to to the second (and final) part of gun balance, not when but they will. You can't really push a content if isn't finished and tested out 100% by the spct, the staff itsaelf and the community of the game. They are trying to get as much as feedback they can for improve things in APB. i always tried to do my best giving it to them.
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