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  1. 2 years? To early, sorry. maybe another 6/7 years, if this game will ever survive after jan 2020.
  2. Big no from me. You think to make the community happy? 2/3 new rewards for halloween? K. - No any bug/glitch fixes; - No any issues fixed like RTX ones etc; - No any interest regarding support tickets; - No any interest in catching cheaters or improve the "Anti-Cheat" feature (if it is really active, but i don't think); - Crashes and disconnects regarding servers. More, of course The Only thing could make me happy is if (IF) you guys are going to put the LCR back into the ARMAS, or should i be happy for the Same Halloween "Event" with glitchers going on rooftops or brake the rules without being punished? NO, THANKS LO. Yeah, because remember, i can't know how many of us have opened a ticket regarding that, but i can swear and promise, you didn't fixed any single 1 of them, and that's your interested in bringing something back every year. Just This was my point of view about that Halloween 2019, if you like it fine, if you don't like it, fine anyway. Alisha PS I will give it 1 match, not more, if i see Anything out of the ordinary, like.. Glitchers for example, or other shit, im OUT.
  3. AlishaAzure


    EAC don't even exist in there x)
  4. Watch the 2nd QA from Matt and Kemp, before open a topic at least pay more attention to what is being said alredy.
  5. Playing this game since 2009, this is not what i asked for but whatever. Was just for clarification, for example, maybe there is a patch but they didn't alredy published the patch notes or maybe only maintenance, i don't know, i can't imagen. Instead of following who reply the same things at least try to give out normal/gentle points of view. Damn it, this community will never grow, im not even surprised anymore. @Amayii You can close this topic, i am done.
  6. Lo alredy making something for the threat system but it will be into the game with the engine upgrade (i think).
  7. AlishaAzure

    Cars/Armas/Me ;)

    Description is there for a reason. Sound kits for vegas? A dream nowdays Tires in one pack and Audio in one separately? Not bad, but i would leave the complete one there as well.
  8. 99 G1C, 5 pieces, Account Lifetime and i also got a legendary from the only gold mystery box i received for buying them. That's good. Im not entirely happy about the "No Shoes" style. Better in the future, maybe.
  9. VBR and CAP40 will be added to the new contacts Not into the Joker Store, so, it's even better
  10. Official Announcement by Rockstar Games! bye bye life https://www.rockstargames.com/it/newswire/article/61153/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Coming-to-PC-November-5th
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