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  1. AlishaAzure

    Melee Weapons?

    There were some concept arts but never saw the light of the day but i would love to change abit the style of apb with this new gameplay.
  2. I do own all legendaries (forgot to say xD) I do often giveaways, i've gifted so far 800€ of armas items before the gifting system goes down, i've gifted too some milions, legendaries and much more.
  3. AlishaAzure

    3D glasses

    Yeah, exactly haha, because pretty much everyone have them thanks to KTTW pack, or this event or old GM mystery boxes was for 400 g1c into the armas or too Tiggs Boxes given out last year if you remember, the s**t thing about > FFA <
  4. AlishaAzure

    3D glasses

    You can find them on Key to The World Pack, they can't be in a normal boudle or sold like normal item, they're legendary, rare, the onlyt way you could get them without spend 100+ dollars/euros is that you get them from a gm with the event during today.
  5. Well, not exactly, i own all armas items and valentine weapons pack too xD so except extra items they put up every week (limited time offer ones) i can't buy nothing more.
  6. AlishaAzure

    Fallen Angel Pack

    I wish they to put it back on.
  7. AlishaAzure

    Shooting Range in Social District

  8. AlishaAzure

    Severe HUD Bug

    Me and my friends sometimes
  9. AlishaAzure

    Fight Club minimum rank change

    Atleast something good for the Fight Club being made, thank you LO.
  10. AlishaAzure

    Was it necessary GM?

    Go to play another game.
  11. AlishaAzure

    Valentine's Mail - Unable to Load

    Works fine now, seems fixed
  12. AlishaAzure

    Cupid hunting why?

    yeah.. they didn't even done a discussion topic..
  13. AlishaAzure

    Cupid hunting why?

    Depressing event.
  14. Sadly, alredy sent out a report and a ticket too but support seems dead since 1+ month, i can understand proprity but still, i do reported some server issues, cheaters, heavy glitches and my tickets chilling there since weeks/months.
  15. AlishaAzure

    Citadel under DDOS attack?

    I do know alredy, strange thing is valentine didn't alredy come out, i remember old years was alredy here, for the engine upgrade (3.5) i think around the middle of february/end or after march, i don't know. Anyway i don't want to go off-topic, these lag, desync need really to be solved, because is annoying, the game kicked out around 80 players or more, i don't know.