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  1. AlishaAzure

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    Hmm.. interesting, can't wait to see how it is
  2. AlishaAzure

    Jericho Police Chase/Car Show Event

    Plans changed, i will be there.
  3. Yep, i was thinking of that when answered, well, thx for that Sometimes my memory is missing.
  4. AlishaAzure

    Jericho Police Chase/Car Show Event

    Would love to partecipate but i can't, im out for play Anthem Alpha with BioWare
  5. Im not having problems in this period, i mean.. yes, maybe few situations of strange guys around but not that much. FF still works under server side but they turned off notifications and the website for stop the toxicity was in there, to many disasters.
  6. I think that with Battleye most of them got banned and if not all, well.. will be there always some sort of undetected method that peoples and devs of cheats will find, not only into this game but in all other games exist on this planet. I need to say very honestly that since FF was turned off and since BE got turned on i feel better and im not meeting situations like speed hackers or bunny hop strange characters. Matt and the team of Lo working hard and constantly to bring us a True good experience, theyhaven't finish to study and understanding how the game works totally, this need abit of the time but they have alredy learned so many things, thanks to us too.
  7. AlishaAzure

    New 4x4 styles and kits for ARMAS

    I like that idea too but i'd love to see some new kits for different type of vehiclkes wich is poor of them, like the Fresno, the legendary oldest car, only 1 kit avaiable, and it don't even bring big changes to it.
  8. AlishaAzure

    TGPC - Connected together ! [Enforcer]

    Clan Highly reccomended! Ma Friend @Ketog
  9. AlishaAzure

    Gun Balancing, What Happened To It?

    Well i think too that the priority right now should be the engine upgrade, like Ketog said above in his comment it was a real dream for most apb players and in generale the community of it. It's time to stop with false promises, they will finally bring us the real one with more of everything.
  10. AlishaAzure

    How special are you to this game?

    Q1 1. always gg even if i lose (like BX) 2. win a match with 20+ kills and get called hacker (because is funny) 3. no legendary or LTL weapons, just armas or contact ones 4. always firebomb or custom 4x4 Q2 My identity is AlishaAzure and i would define myself a pretty good player, friendly, always avaiable for talk, trade or help out others. My look is just nice and colorful, no scary or "total black" like most of high ranked players. Q3 Huntorax, Shini and.. couple others, i don't remember all the names actually. They are just so good and would like to learn some extra tactic's (maybe).
  11. AlishaAzure

    Looping emotes?

    I would appreciate and love to see this feature added for any nice commands (excluded fart and couple other ones) it could get even worse than now.
  12. AlishaAzure

    Account wide as standard

    Well, i would love to see this too but probably idk, maybe it can't work like that. Like Mikarity said above this comment we should be able to edit certain items that we send to our personal characters.
  13. AlishaAzure

    Car spawners

    Well from my point of view both spawn system and spawn in car system are fu**ed up, often enemies spawn in anyway close to me, 40/35 or less meters from my character and with car less too, i can't understand how that can be broken badly like that.
  14. AlishaAzure

    Markers disappear

    Not easy to know, will try to reproduce it but i don't promise you nothing, i mean, i didn't do nothing, just k and go in missions or change guns and modifications, not many more, change district in add. Didn't done anything special or in order
  15. AlishaAzure

    Markers disappear

    Happening to me and my friends as well, is annoying, yep.