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  1. 1. The item is reachable, did it by my own, you just need to get in front of the spot, run and jum forward and you will be at the center of it but i do understand this can be difficult/impossible for many players so i agree with you. 2. Hm, exactly. 3. I don't know? Didn't alredy got the possibility to try it out sadly but when i will of course i can know more about that new gun. And for the end i do agree only for the 2nd (which is remove the ability to buy your primary/secondary) because the first one i would say or that, or a melee gun or.. punch? like in all other games where you start in a BR mode without nothing. Im still thinking if they will go with clothes and armors like.. more heavy clothes more armor or something like that. I only hope they are going in the correct way, RIOT is so much fun to play.
  2. Interesting topic ^^ APB always been very much important in my long gaming experience, it's still my favorite game after all these years. Why you would say right? Isn't that difficult to know. List 1. Customization: Advanced and Special, i've NEVER seen something like that in my life, even in 2019/2020 games 2. Driving/Jumping: Why not? I LOVE to jump around with my vegas 4x4, doing tricks, reach high spots, climb buildings etc 3. Meeting other players: I am a kind, friendly and gentle guy, i really like to hanging out with friends and in general the entire community 4. Gameplay mechanics: Aren't the best out there, of course, but we are talking about a 2010 (maybe more back) gameplay mechanics, revisited after all (obviously), but in general.. this is so cool and can't wait to see what the future will bring to it 5. Incredible flashbacks of the past: Playing since 2010, sometimes i do have those incredibly good flashbacks about the past and dang, feels so good. Probably more This game is unique and no one is even similar to it. RIOT is love (because finally i can really play with my max ranked character), i don't like Fight Club that much.
  3. I never had this problem because im playing mostly in 4K but for who play it in a less resolution this could become really frustating. A better UI would be cool, making some changes behind it etc.
  4. Im not happy with that non-intended change honestly, it made me so sad when in mission, because enemies had my guns, that's not balanced, this is why we wanted this in the past but needed to be fairly balanced.
  5. Hazmat suits are useless actually, not totally but you can basically use 1 and then you will die because you won't resist 60 seconds without it (except if you will reach the safe area before).
  6. Dropping Legendaries into RIOT yes, normal district i didn't even knew there was this thing, is funny? Yes.. maybe? But i don't like it that much.
  7. I miss these > High Quality "Star" Bloom , Tire Smoke , Bullet Tracers , Old Login Screen , Clouds more visible and Minor weather changes.
  8. Agree, GM's shouldn'ìt be allowed to permanent ban players.. i don't want G1 days, thank you. Temporary bans like 1/2/3 days yes, why not? But more than absolutely no.
  9. FBW is perfect honestly but i would really love to have another default low level secondary as starter pistol
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