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  1. 2 hours ago, Fasalina said:

    Yep and lets not forget the original G1 milking this game for years leaking a screenshot every once in a while to keep the hype / hope going while in the meantime, they stopped working on it entirely. :^)


    Idk, I'll believe it when i get to touch it.

    Play it on console if you wanna "touch it" since that is the closest thing for a pubic version of the engine upgrade on PS4 and Xbone One.

  2. 9 hours ago, lTheDarkness said:

    CBT and OBT are alredy a shame honestly, bought accounts, cheaters, uhh.. we don't need more *HEY I HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME MORE THAN YOU* titles.


    Would be more than annoying, and if they ever will come i am sure LO will fix those issues.

    I dont see them as a shame but again thats just me with my CBT title lol.

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