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  1. 43 minutes ago, Karyon said:
    Imagine if you took damage proportional to the speed you were going when you exit a vehicle over a certain speed.

    It could interact with Valzipram tablets letting a player ignore the damage so then it would have something more to offer over other blue mods.
    That is a good suggestion. I know the quality of gameplay in PUBG (? - Some battle royale game) was improved when a change like this was implemented. 

  2. Just now, TackoGirl said:

    I do not understand why the shotguns are generally changed, the shotguns were as good as they were, but I'm curious how the shotguns are when they're done.

    Thank you for bringing the thread back on topic. 

    I am also curious how they turn out. As it stands now - why would I use a shotgun when I could use an OCA/Yukon etc instead. I don't think shotguns are bad, there are just better options.

  3. 1 hour ago, BXNNXD said:

    just because you can’t be bothered to actually look for the info doesn’t mean it’s not there


    Why the dislike? Its true. There are multiple forum topics already centred on the next update which also have replies from Matt in them. Its also posted on the APB Facebook page (as linked above).

    Use your brain and do some research before posting some passive-aggressive whiny paragraph. 

  4. Just now, Kiida said:

    No more streaming at all? Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed by that decision, but I can understand it due to today's drama. GM/dev streams are one of the things APB has always needed though, I hope you look into it again for the future.

    Just no gameplay streaming. We can still hope for dev streams in the future (I think). Something similar to what Jagex does I hope.

  5. Hello everyone,



    I maxed out my outfit slots so thought I might as well post them here.  I try to keep my designs somewhat "lore-friendly" - it gives me something to work from. As I have no original ideas I prefer to copy from whats in the game rather than from other players (most of the time). I also really like the puzzle of figuring out how the pre-made "brand" symbols are made and recreating them.


    Feedback is encouraged, I hope you enjoy. 



    Basic G-King



    Snood: 100% stole this idea from Healt earlier in the thread. First time I saw someone make the snood look good so I thought I'd give it a try.



    Engineer/New Cross Skate Park/Racing/Blah:  I really like going through all the preset clothes again after such a long time and drawing inspiration from them. I've always been a fan of the new cross colours and style (especially the ape graphic) so I gave it a go. Before I made this outfit I was struggling with a racing themed outfit so I scrapped it and started on this - they kind of just became one.  Spent the most time on this one, adding dirt and blood and what not. Still a WIP - seems a bit 'busy' in some places - suggestions welcome.


    It turned out OK I think. You can see this chick hanging outside of a Nomad with a blowtorch right? Use your imagination.


    Basic Blood Rose: Just Basic G-King... but blood rose - didn't spend a whole lot of time on this one.



    Race Girl:






    I think I re use symbols a bit too much especially on the new cross one. Also I have a thing for denim shorts apparently.


    PS: I don't keep that bandage tattoo on all the time its just for one outfit. Too lazy to remove for screenshots. 

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