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  1. I'm fine with perc's because they are super limited in terms of usage. As for the NFAS... just delete that fucking thing.
  2. You know that mobility and accuracy is where i'd love to see LO take the gun play but unfortunately I don't think that LO wants to go that direction. I think this document is an attempt at a middle ground in hopes other people we don't personally or directly know can offer some input and maybe even be noticed by LO.
  3. Correct, something similar to the pellet circle we used to have.
  4. Along side some precise gun play with recoil mechanics instead of the current bloom system they use now.
  5. I think people are just tired of their weapons getting nerfed to shit instead of buffing and balancing everything.
  6. I browse the forums every so often, and when I comment... its super late.
  7. You're my favorite, ZombieBiscuit. -- On another note N3wMarty, I feel that maybe if it's not for you just don't use it forehead. Though I understand it's not for everyone there's plenty of people who do like that kind of stuff.
  8. Now just pray they see it.
  9. Good point. Thank's gamer.
  10. I'm sure this has been brought up many times before. I was thinking @MattScott, maybe ya'll could add the possibility of changing your clan name title's font color(below characters name in-game) and maybe even make yourselves some money by adding it to Armas for a little bit of G1C. Just thought it'd be a cool little customization idea that some people might like the option of having. V/R zeal
  11. People are goofballs if Demon/Demoness being red confused them. Bring the red back please.
  12. zeals

    Halloween Title

    Yeah that's ultimately where we are going with this, would really like to have "Demon" it's a pretty cool title.
  13. zeals

    Halloween Title

    Giving both genders the option of Demon or Demoness would be cool too. @MattScott @Lixil @SKay
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