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  1. What bullcrap, so people who buy a 3slot and grind that weaponrole to rank16 arent grinder?
  2. Good to see i am not the only one wanting those fancy 100%
  3. Hey could you consider deleting the unobtainable steam achievements like the ones from 2014 winter event and such?
  4. I thought that too, but i loged in for over two years in a row except for 2 weeks or so per year had had nothing, that was one of the reasons i took a long break back then.
  5. Hm i guess good to read that many of you have the same fun as me, thx for the answers. Could LO say sth. about this issue? For real, with every day i log in, check my daylies and realize that again and again are not rewarded is kinda frustrating.
  6. Yeah as the title says i'd like to get a mission would even pay for it. Must be at least 700 days of login with only one mission, could be a bug? I hear people had like 10 missions and more....well i am unlucky or buggy.
  7. Well, like the title says, i am having unusual many laggs and stutters today. Can someone confirm that with own exp.?
  8. Please whatever you do, for the love of god, dont extend the helloween event.
  9. Sounds like my problem with the nano missions, they dont care cuz RNG is fun! Everybody loves RNG!!!
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