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  1. Comedy, when the transition was made and we cleaely pointed out there were more cheater than before, we got trolled, downvoted and accused of hackusating now we learn the system was half buged again, ohhh what wonder.
  2. Hahaha may the flamewars begin I am preped for autobans since i was born. Roccat mouse software deactivated, no overlays, no macros, cheats or any other software known or unknown to be banable. COME ON BRING IT!!!
  3. iirc the ogre is golden by default. Most of the legendaries are not skinable afaik.
  4. Fair Fight we need you....I need you
  5. This is true and ofc i picked the alig too. Aaaand iirc from the weapons to choose from it depends the least on mods to shine in its role.
  6. You do realize that the pc version is running on the game cubes version of APB?
  7. Pwnimon

    it down again

    It down again with the sickness.
  8. Ey ey ey yo get outta here, is a old death theme.
  9. Dont worry mate, props to LO cuz they would never ban someone without double checking.
  10. I'd like me some discount on character name change if possibro
  11. I'd like to see some rewards for missions in the action district for the 10th, thats what APB rly is for me. The idea of jt reward after every mission is just awesome and a great step to the right direction.
  12. Dont forget that if you have a high ping around 250+ms you can almost full auto it cuz it stops blooming.
  13. / Help a poor guy who cant login for over a month? -> unban everyone who cheated for 4years
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