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  1. OFC, still i got my first warning in the forums for "writing" a text, at this rate i am more likely to get baned for writing here, then for cheating, i think its more safe for me to go idle now before i say sth. Wrong in my rage.
  2. At the current rate they will go on cheating for years, you know 0 cheaters baned and they know it too...
  3. Are they? Edit: Just saw other steam users cant login too.
  4. Haha you have no idea for noobs a tax cut would be awesome cuz they could buy rank three mods for 20k less just the jmb weapons could go up in the future but everything else would go straight down.
  5. Sry OT they wont do anything i am begging for 2 weeks now to turn ff on, nothing they are running wild on fc for hours, days and weeks.
  6. We had an unbanwave before and u can clearly see how great the game is doing since then.
  7. I wish them the worst but they arent as annoying as blatans and my statement was a little bit trollyish as i wanted to demonstrate that they are there too
  8. Well most of the time after a break i play like crap too, so the line between a good player and a closet isnt that clear so we have to be carefull with accusation. Anyway i dont mind closets with wallhack or smooth aim they are manageable as a team i just cant stand it when the same osca speedhacker blatantly ragehacks with his a$$buddy shawcopter for weeks and no freakn action is done.
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