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  1. 41 minutes ago, Kewlin said:

    I'm not gonna' lie, the only time I ever pick up someone's weapon is so that I have two magazines to dump before needing to reload: grab someone's NFAS, unload it, drop it, unload your own NFAS so you have 14 rounds almost continuously, it's cheese as fuck.


    Weapon drops, at least the way they are in APB, are bad and quite honestly shouldn't be in any mode, much less FC.

    you know that this weapon drop system is different from the one we had before right? this one completely overwrites the gun you are holding, by actually replacing the gun in your hands, so you can swith between guns and use it as if its your own, rather than having 2 primary guns at once


    many people dont seem to realize this

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  2. 3 hours ago, Amberwind said:

    Weapon pickup needs to be fixed as it doesn't have a place in APB. There's no downside to using an HVR if you can pick up a whisper and wield both short and long range. 


    3 hours ago, Nitronik said:

    This was actually tested some 3-4 years ago, and the community (rightfully) told G1 en masse that it sucked, after which it got promptly reverted

    I think they messed up district rules and "leaked" RIOT's weapon drop into action districts by mistake 


    3 hours ago, Lord Cashpoint said:


    Yes, let's not have this discussion again - weapon pick up in Action Districts is not a good idea.


    except this weapon dropping is the closest we ever got to a "kind of balanced" weapon drop system in apb, in which you dont get to keep 2 primary weapons, because it just switches it out, and acts as your own new primary

    so no, you cant wield hvr and a whisper at the same time, unless you like not moving from one spot, like ever, and even then the weapons despawn lol

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  3. On 4/11/2019 at 10:41 PM, TheKeanuReeves said:

    Firebomb sets it's HP to 1 hit explode so if enemies shoot at it it'll blow up even before it touches anything.
    I always blow them up even before they get out of the car with my Swarm 😄 (Because they press Shift then try to get out of car, but my Swarm deals 50 hard damage per shoot.)

    the correct way of saying that is, when you activate meteor, the car takes 400% more damage from gunfire, and also explodes from the first impact (it says when you hover over your mouse on meteor)


    also the shift thing, people are dummies, i set my button to activate car mods to ctrl, so when i get out of cars i dont always accidentaly activate them rip

  4. 13 hours ago, MrsHappyPenguin said:

    It means the mission doesn't count or you lose. Not counting doesn't affect threat, losing decreases threat. Either way, it's going to further screw up threat and matchmaking. Almost every match last night had players quitting. Those same players are just going to surrender, or go afk, which is a waste of time for the opposing team.


    I'm sticking my idea to delete player accounts who refuse to play missions they ready up for.



    tbh players that would quit, just go afk now anyway, getting -100 score, or just "afk" by driving around not playing the mission gettng no score, therefore their mission doesnt count anyway to their threat, so i dont see a big difference here lol

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