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  1. I just realized that baicly its same guns but... but FFA have less zoom lvl, i just readed  FFA description "same gun as obir bla bla bla but lower zoom lvl becouse doesnt have scope bla bla"

    do you feel that guys? BECOUSE DOESNT HAVE SCOPE 😄, if apb will going that way pls make yukon lower recoil becouse have stock and muzzle break, and other pistol from mountie series not...

    and its true if u put hs3 in obir and ffa u can see the diffrence .-.

    I dont like that game policy to make armas guns worse, that f2p guns make it just diffrence, we actually have joker store perm guns .-. or make it all reskins if you dont have idea how to balance it, Shredder/Norseman/EOL... its waste of money

    PS 3stk shotguns is bad idea

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  2. Matt posted that LO want to nerf that shotgun and make it unable to make 1 shoot kill player using fragile. I dont think that this gun need a nerf also its not so easy to make that one shoot kill,

    leave that gun alone change the mod stats or something.Its trash gun anyway same as shredder you want to do something with this weapons but you actualy dont know what.




    Also Oblivion should get some buff its very bad in compare to ISSR "wisp" but mechanic is similar, AND WHOLE PACK weapons should get some basic skin

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  3. 5 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Because PR2 is not always better than PR1.


    And when it comes to preset mods they are all terrible compared to open slots anyway.

    First check this weapons in armas then comment

  4. Both guns cost same and one have better modiffications? Whats the point of that im sure no one will buy PR1!

    And i realized its just reskin of scout but have diffrent variant of modiffications why just dont make PR1 as RT1 and add some diffrent mod i would love to see it with cj3 or hs3




    and i see same problem with other guns like agrotech sniper rifle

  5. 6 minutes ago, BrandonBranderson said:

    Try out the OCSP if you haven't yet, I think its one more shot to kill than the FBW, but you can fire it faster and it's more accurate.  Pretty fun gun.

    its nazi gun -.-


  6. But its not reskin its just silenced version it would be awesome to see glock as FBW reskin or they can remove all adds from yukon and make beretta they could also add some NFAS reskin cause we dont have any :c

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  7. 1) Why you wont change animations for all weapons with grip to hold with both hands like this you implemented for ATAC's and Bullshark

    Weapon which require that

    -Agrotech ACES Rifle- its AS and you hold it with one hand even when you move

    -All SMG's / Secondaries or just fix Micro Uzi/PDW and UL-3 to aim with it using both hands

    But better option would be to make it to all weapons to be holded in both hands for ENF also for run animation, it would looks more realistics. You know how to police move with weapons

    2) Make legendaries skinnable 

    3) Add other variations of ISSR this from OTW

    4) That changes for RFP are bad

    5)Make it immpossible for golds to get team leader on bronze district playing aganist golds its annoying but having one in your team when he dethreating and team killing u or the time is ughhhhh

    6) Fight Club Abington Towers its take to long to get 27+k for gold archivment to get 200jt make it max 18k or something

    7) Instead of implementing new game modes like RIOT make something with clan's like Clan Wars?Now its nothing more than extended friend list, its would be awesome to gain some clan reputation, have clan budget getting from playing full group of clan members and you would spend it for some upradges to your clan but i dont have idea what kind of upradges.Also clan ranking? Best wchich played/winned most amount of matches in moth/year or which get biggest amount of kills get some unique stuff till next end of sezon.

    I think missions 4 vs 4 gives much more fun and getting benfits or ability to gain something for your clan from playing together would be great motivation to play in groups

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