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  1. I still don't get the point of why they put that message there knowing that before that message showed up, the weapon was just like i told you "no bloom nor recoil while ADS'ing" and after that they somehow messed up the bloom but not the recoil, and yet, you're saying that the fact that the crosshair didn't bloom IS the bug.. doesn't make sense any of this... but once again, it's G1 being G1
  2. but that doesn't mean that the weapon's nog bugged cause it surely is. so if there's a bug in it, it's better to fix it don't you think? and the Silencer's effect doesn't "only" change t he recoil, it changes the reticle bloom as well, makes it not spread at all WHILE you're aiming with it (Marksmanship Mode), on hipfire it shoots just like a normal RFP.
  3. Hello everyone, JIN here! i'm gonna go straight to the point, so this has been put on hold for quite some time and so far i haven't seen any changes in Joker RFP Talon. This secondary's a burst fire pistol with a suppressor equipped on, and basically it has a minor bug that's also writen when you're about to buy the gun in Armas Marketplace saying that the suppressor isn't doing it's effect, which is since it's a burst fire pistol, it should nulify the reticle bloom of the crosshair no matter how much you're spraying with it. and they promissed that they would fix it in the next patch, but, that's basically G1 being G1 for us. it might not be a popular secondary but it's my main pistol and i'm sure that the few players who actually play with it DO love the gun as much as I do. so i'd love to see this gun fully fixed just like the good ol' times.... Not to mention that it's so sexy :D TEMPTRESS: - Seems like from those 56 pages on the mailbox, Temptress is the gun that isn't there yet. and, i've never ever got the chance to test it properly, and now after this tweak on IR3, seems like Temptress will also suffer the changes though, by making the gun shoot slower than before. my honest opinion about it, i don't think it's a good idea to make this weapon jsut a "refer-a-friend weapon which is a feature that's not even implemented in the game anymore, and for those who'd love to try it out, not they can't try it and instead of that they kinda make you get jealous just because they own the gun (well...that's basically my case but i hope i'm not the only one :'D) it's a fully customized Rifle of Huntress, this weapon should be in the legendary's list! should be available for everyone! Best regards and StayAwesome, JIN
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