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    I sexually identify as an Ohio-Class Nuclear Submarine.

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About Me

I enjoy riding my bike, being single, and casually playing PC games. 

My bike: 2005 yamaha RS Warrior (Midnight) XV1700 

My rig: Sabertooth X99 (Armored) with 32 GB of RAM (DDR4)

           Nvidia GTX 980 TI

           Samsung Evo SSD(s)

Music: I'm hardcore into powerhouse names in the synthwave genre. (Timecop1983, Perturbator, Lazerhawk, Gunship.)

Outside of synthwave; Stoner rock, doom metal, shoegaze. 


Likes: People that know what the hell they're talking about and are on top of their shit.

Dislikes: Cowardly Pissants, SJWs, and people who aren't comfortable in their own skin. 

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