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  1. Are you the type of person who smashes silvers/bronzes with said loadout? You seem the type.
  2. I also remember Tiggs and other old GM's using said powers because they didn't agree with them.
  3. people still bitching about others they can't understand lol
  4. because we don't want silver coming on the forums bitching about dethreaters in fightclub as well as mission district.
  5. wibsey


    You'll end up locking it later my dude..
  6. If you can't tell the difference between having it and not when rerolling then I do not know what to say.
  7. wibsey


    Steak and ale pie!!!!!!
  8. wibsey


    All you do is complain and say it's dead, since 2014 at least. Yet you still come back... Yikes.
  9. Not really, as soon as you have been challenged on your thoughts, you back off and we still have no clear view on who you're referring to. Feel free to elaborate if you can. Yikes
  10. He's been on the forums long enough to know what spct roll is...
  11. I have no clue who you're referring to because only Matt has commented on the issue, so please elaborate about my "friend".
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