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  1. No cheats on APB.
  2. Ask support, it might be unlink in half a years time after they finally read it.
  3. wibsey

    I am quitting APB

    APB has quit you!!!
  4. wibsey

    Thank you LO

    I'm sure this got said in 2012.... And yet, here we are.
  5. There're bound to be some trial and errors in alot of areas... I haven't tried out the new patch but it can tell it was very rushed. LO and this community needs to understand that they bought g1 and it's assets with with very little knowledge of many things, i understand they want to hurry things for us to be happy and not lose hope in the game or them..... But i personally would rather them take there time with major stuff like this.... It should at least be a month of otw but i also think they need a dedicated tests team... More or less, SPCT. if they weapons balance is they bad, they should revert the changes, and we should not show hate to people who are at least trying to change the game for the better rather than milking the cow dry.
  6. wibsey

    Battleye Working ?

    No cheats on APB though.
  7. Didn't, or couldn't? looks like the wall trump is after...
  8. I think OP is more upset by kemp breaking him rather than the brick/8ball itself....
  9. wibsey

    New Emotes !!!

    legit had to google wtf that is tbh. you're not helping yourself really.
  10. wibsey

    New Emotes !!!

    no time for roleplayers.
  11. wibsey

    New Emotes !!!

    you just wait till I come on discord when I see you next....
  12. Always something to complain about....
  13. wibsey

    Kids who run with objectives

    maybe i am 2 years old.. Maybe I'm your dad..
  14. wibsey

    Kids who run with objectives

    You could of took the high road and not replied lmao
  15. wibsey


    reproted to ta bant see you in 72hours cyka