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  1. TheKeanuReeves

    Hacked account by Little Orbit...

    Yeah I'm not English native, and they ended up blocking my account to delete my symbols after I keept changing my pass and trying to log in since I though I was getting hacked and they were going to steal my legendary weapons.
  2. TheKeanuReeves

    Hacked account by Little Orbit...

    I didn't make them now, I've been playing for years and I made them years ago, when it was not inappropriate, I was waiting to get premium to edit them, and didn't use them anymore since Little Orbit took the game.
  3. TheKeanuReeves

    Weapon balance?

    Those burst pistols need a real nerf, is like having a pocket Obir. Also Oscar needs a nerf, they have really good firerate, not losing any accuracy even if you shoot fast, range, damage. I'd say that every weapon should be worth to use, and It's kinda stupid that you get outshoot by an Ntec from 80m+ when the range of Ntec should be 50m-
  4. TheKeanuReeves

    Drop Primary Weapon On Death

    Well, we had that mechanic long time ago, I think it was on a event, and don't think it was very popular.
  5. TheKeanuReeves

    Drop Primary Weapon On Death

    I would rather add loadout where you can set different setups, for sniper, close combat, etc, and only need an ammo box to change them. Without having to switch everything manually, wich takes a lot of time and your sigh view.
  6. TheKeanuReeves

    Visible mods in Weapons

    I know their plans, just suggesting it.
  7. TheKeanuReeves

    Visible mods in Weapons

    Hey there, now that we have Little Orbit in head and they have a lot of plans for updates I think it would be a good idea to have visible mods in weapons. Just as having a scope in your weapon when you equip Hunting sigh, a bigger magazine with Extended Magazine, some barrels for the red mods, etc. What do you guys think about it? I'm kinda tired of my basic weapon.