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  1. Shotguns just got buffed and then nerfed not long ago.
  2. TheKeanuReeves


    Yeah, but look at many games changing things just to make them happy, kinda sad.
  3. TheKeanuReeves


    We all want, but seeing how feminism is striking on games, I don't think LO wants to fight that.
  4. TheKeanuReeves

    LTL for Crim?

    We need Cocktail Molotov instead.
  5. Been gold for like 8 years lmao.
  6. If you have to attack a close place and they using Nfas, use a close combat weapon yourself, spam nades, use a Grenade launcher. Use your imagination, team coordination, teamwork can beat anything.
  7. TheKeanuReeves

    How special are you to this game?

    Can't remember tbh, Maxed it many years ago.
  8. TheKeanuReeves

    How special are you to this game?

    I actually Maxed MG using only Alig too! But now I'm using Swarm
  9. TheKeanuReeves

    How special are you to this game?

    I'm a Kevlar 3 + Light Machine gun user, ppl always call me noob and cry about it on PM. I guess I'm hard to forget. "This noob again."
  10. TheKeanuReeves

    Armas Market Place

    It used to be 45$+ They "reduced it" but it's still really expensive. A weapons shouldn't be over 10-20$ Imo.
  11. TheKeanuReeves

    Is this true about weapon roles?

    Is as easy as getting a friend to test the weapon range with and without IR3, and you'll see that it works no matter your level
  12. TheKeanuReeves

    Citadel is having a bad day.

    Glad is not just me.
  13. TheKeanuReeves

    OSCAR how-to?

    Oscar is for tryhards, OP weapon. -Perfect accuracy hipfire in long range. -Long range -No recoil, -No accuracy loss. -High mobility.
  14. TheKeanuReeves

    muzzle brake even do anything?

    Try Swarm Killer Bee, and you'll love Muzzle Brake, I think it's designed for LMGs, because other weapons rarely have a big horizontal recoil. Medusa Euryale Swarm Shaw All Light Machine Guns with horizontal recoil. Not every mod works on every kind of gun. Why would you use Hunting sigh on a shotgun, right? or Extended Magazine on an Osmaw, Tagger on a OPGL, big etc, learn how weapons behave and choose the right mods to make them better.
  15. Don't buy anything. Use your money on something more useful, like drugs.