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  1. LO is trying it's best to improve the game, We've been waiting 8 years while G1 did nothing, Engine upgrade is the main need right now, once it's done they can focus in other stuff to upgrade/add. Have a bit of patiente.
  2. Farming would be a problem, making dailies on every character and trading them to main character.
  3. I never ignore them, ppl underestimate how useful is having an anti_vehicle user in team. I literally erase any enemy vehicle with my Swarm.
  4. True, If I remember it right, Matt said something about Halloween event being a prototype, open map with open conflict, capturing areas or something like that, Kinda like Planetside 2, I would love that.
  5. I think a game is dead once you can't find players to play with at any hour of the day.
  6. I mean, it was not that hard to figure out what is it going to be, since there's literally no updates with new content.
  7. I really hope the game mode allows us to use all our stuff, I don't want to run around picking up random weapons, been buying stuff for years.
  8. I've been on End game for years, so I guess I'll be playign Riot all the time, because FC kinda bores me.
  9. So, what is the new game mode about? Is it an alternative to missions? or is it going to replace it?
  10. Yeah... Kinda sad, just imagining the city destroyed, with barricades everywhere, cars destroyed, etc. Damn.
  11. But civillians keep taking walks around like nothing. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. I agree, LMGs rarely get love in any Shooter. As a LMG user, I find that kinda sad.
  13. I always wondered what kind of person log in to take a truck and block the way.
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