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  1. As a guy who maxed Machine gunner role using only Alig, I approve this, LMGs need more love, they make you slower and have a bad base accuracy even if you stant still+Crouch. Just with the excuse of "they blow up cars fast" So does DMR, and many other weapons if they shoot more than 1 person, My Seiyo Espacio has exploded in less than 5 seconds by some enemies with Ntec or just with a single Conc + some shoots.
  2. A weapon is still $30 + or - so is a no no.
  3. I start to think that LO is secretly G1 faking a company change to keep players active for a few years more.
  4. TheKeanuReeves

    ALIG 762 R&D III vs N-SSW 74 Dvah ?

    I've used Alig as my main weapon for years, but now I'm using Nss-w as my main weapon, the hard damage is decent, and more importantly, the Accuracy is on point. I use HS3, EM3, and IR3 on it, and it's perfect Don't worry about the meta thing, for me it's pretty boring to use the same weapon that everyone uses because it's the easiest way to win.
  5. TheKeanuReeves

    Redeem Codes - disappeared?

    So what about making new ones?
  6. TheKeanuReeves

    Glowly Skins!

    "Legendary" weapons can't have custom skins, which is nonsense Imo.
  7. TheKeanuReeves

    Any chance to use our own costumes in the event?

    But Pedestrians are walking around without problems.
  8. TheKeanuReeves

    This event to you

    Yeah, never liked that either.
  9. TheKeanuReeves

    This event to you

    No one said I didn't get how to play it after some minutes, but that's not an excuse to be lazy developer.
  10. TheKeanuReeves

    This event to you

    0 explanation of what do you have to do with the excuse of "Look at the forums". You shouldn't have to look at the forums to know how to play a game. Pedrestrians walking around the infected city like nothing happens, so it just kills all the feeling.
  11. So this is indeed P2W in this case?
  12. TheKeanuReeves

    More ignore list extender!

    Why do you need to ignore that many ppl? Do you cry on PM and then ignore? are you one of those guys?
  13. TheKeanuReeves

    Always sprint and hold to crouch!

    We also need sprint while Crouch, so you can move fast while in a cover.
  14. TheKeanuReeves

    More ignore list extender!

    Remove old ppl from ignore list to add new one, and repeat. Is not like the old ones are going to PM you in the instant you unblock them
  15. None, I barely buy anything due to the expensive prices.