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  1. and? its not like your supporting their cause or something
  2. Hello new moderator. Its very najs to see a new face. please dont ban me take me with a grain of salt. a BIG grain of salt

  3. People will still be able to dethreat it will just be a tiny bit harder to notice when you've achived it or not. Defently not, When you get a teammate that plays poorly you will still be able to notice a threat difference and poor matchmaking If anything the problem is the fact that matchmaking never had the proper ability to give fairmatches not the fact that there is a visible threat system you're pointing it out yourself. Visible threat wont make a difference, you will still notice when matchmaking gives you a unbalanced match which seemlingly is your main argument
  4. Not good atm but will be one of the replacments for ntec
  5. sounds fun lets do it. no its a bad idea. it will only drive away low threat players that want to play during low pop hours since they will face high threats
  6. I would rather see them fix the Jericho and Bishadas suspension and maybe buff them a bit, but one car i would like to see in the game is this. You would never be stuck on the roof :))
  7. Lazer we are very popular it seems!

  8. Would like to see the pumkins coming back since ive never been able to get all of them :))
  9. nice remane carboard/plastic/acrylic/metal/box


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