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  1. "Joined May 2020" boi you are in for a ride
  2. Would be better if you could pledge to WF contact in FIN and the other way around. Since as of late, there is only one district alive
  3. Yeah lets just redo a game that we have a start on from scratch, its not like the development of this game cost 100 million.
  4. if i spent 2k on a pc i want to atleast match the hz of my monitor.... dont pull some bs that its pointless over 60 hz / fps
  5. Right, with my new system i still get a unstable 60-70 frames without config meanwhile i get a stable 125 with one. There is a major problem with performance in the current engine
  6. They cant create a good matchmaking system with this pop, there needs to be some sacrifice otherwise certain players will never get matches
  7. Its not the adv launcher. why would you think that
  8. Kevlar dont need a buff, its already aids
  9. Lovtal

    Dirt bikes.

    Very wow much good. id also like to see lauo roam the streets of san paro with a dirt bike
  10. Yea, the game hasnt had HS for 10 years. lets just add it now eh? wouldn't require any dev work or change the games character at all
  11. I like these changes on paper for sure. The only thing I don't get is the changes with the scout and the heavy HVR. I like that the damage is finally getting lowered but I feel like 50 dmg is not gonna be enough, the main problem with the overkill dmg making it very hard to play against no matter what weapon you use. But it's a step in the right direction in my opinion. The scout on the other hand was fine as it is, I can't see what you're trying to achive with the damage buff, i get the QS nerf but brining it "in line" with one of the most broken weapons in the game (Heavy HVR) is a rather questionable move. We will see how it plays out on live but that's the feeling I get from looking at the numbers
  12. So, i played around with this tool with old images of my characters. its fun but it does take some time to get down how to make it more realistic
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