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  1. high rank gold here i don’t have fun stomping low skill/new players i also don’t have fun babysitting low skill/new players so they don’t rage quit and never come back no segregation means i have to do either of those at least twice as much as i did with segregation, so until i can stop carebearing my way through 75% of my missions i’ll keep bitching
  2. they can’t announce balance changes immediately after launch (aside from the apparently-not-so-obvious “any purchase may be changed at the discretion of little orbit”) because that would mean they knew the initial balance was off in the first place half of your examples were nerfed because other changes to the game made them unbalanced, not because little orbit suddenly decided to make you salty
  3. there’s still 10 separate levels of gold threat, they just aren’t visually represented
  4. yes that’s pretty much how us/eu copyright law works
  5. because its easier to steal a finished product than it is to create your own
  6. mag pull used to work on the osmaw, and it was basically a straight buff tbh i’m not sure why they changed it, it might have been a straight buff but it’s not like the osmaw is all that good to begin with
  7. bruh he literally just said he’s been in bronze a few times you can stop trying so hard
  8. because rank and playtime are not indicative of skill otherwise everyone with 1000 hours would be high gold, which is not the case generally when i get into a 1v2/2v3/2v4/etc situation it's because im facing more lower threat players finding 10+ people to make a perfectly even match is a tall order with the limited player pool i've honestly seen very little feedback from console players at all also i imagine no segregation is an easier pill to swallow for consoles because A) they don't have visible threat levels, and B) they never had threat segregation to begin with so to them its normal "back in the day" there were several instances of each district so if you were getting curbstomped too hard in one you could always jump around (in fact i remember it being a pretty widespread practice to jump districts in an attempt to get easy opp, the old version of today's dethreaters), this is not the case currently especially on NA - whoever is in the district is who you're stuck on missions with
  9. we already have 40 threat levels (green 1-10, bronze 1-10, silver 1-10, and gold 1-10), adding more will only make it harder for people at either end of the curve to get opp
  10. at best these are two separate issues tho, why are you mashing them together? for weapons that “came nerfed out of the box” you don’t really have an argument to stand on, if you purchased them knowing they were bad (and we’ve had a trial system for years) then that’s all on you tbh for weapons that are changed after you’ve purchased them, i don’t see the issue - can you name a game that does not balance paid content and the playerbase is happy about it? if you want examples of games that rebalance paid content, i’m pretty sure almost every moba tweaks characters each season if you want strictly shooter examples, i know rainbow six siege has had several massive overhauls and countless minor balance changes, i’m also fairly sure warframe offers paid content that undergoes balance changes as well
  11. matchmaking theoretically works fine, it’s the limited amount of people it has to choose from that results in problems this is why no segregation is a problem - because we still have the same limited pool of potential players but now there’s even more variation in threat levels for a simplified example: if you have 10 golds in a district (segregation) it’s far more likely that you will get a balanced match than if you have 3 golds, 4 silvers, and 3 bronzes (no segregation) this is not an issue for most other games because most other games don’t limit matchmaking to players currently in a specific instance/district/lobby, which is what apb is moving towards with the eventual addition of phasing but until phasing happens no segregation will continue to be a mess
  12. i fail to see the big deal, it’s just an initial testing change yeah it sucks that it got pushed to live for a few days but it’s not permanent for live or test districts
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