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  1. I was ingame then District goes down now cant login.
  2. yes this i wish me to for years. i mean atm when u have many guns how me. Its skill to change the wappon fast i know exactly where is my gun what i need in the big list. But change will be very nice to get the fav wappons to put on first in the list.
  3. the reaper is fine good gun. Not same strong how hvr but this ok is a different wappon.
  4. i hate the guys who running super fast with havey itim.. and macro users all noobs.
  5. We need a ingame report system back to report hackers. Then i say Good job LO.
  6. Im playing without stream never use it i think im not alone :). STill waiting for new content.
  7. When they want ban toxic player you lost 50% of playerbase+ to much waste of time. We need all gm,s vs the hacker. So i hope it is only for reporting hackers this is the thing what make the people toxic.
  8. Yesterday i have see many gms on live server they have say 64 bit ver. From apb incoming.
  9. I have fun to play. When comes more content more wappons more staff. I have fun fun fun more.
  10. We See only the Score. Think its important How he make the kills. I know some people hacking max ranked to. But cant tell the names here.
  11. The Cobra guns Since realese totaly crap. Its for me the worst Gun. After the First shoots you can stop Shooting you will never hit.
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