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  1. On 9/6/2018 at 5:21 PM, PACwoMAN said:

    So i've started playing since end of CBT/OBT start and had a crap PC like most of players at that time. It was a Dual core Athlon x64, GTS450 1GB and 2GB of PC6400@800MHz RAM. The game runs on that PC about ~40fps (minimal settings), launched for about ~30 seconds. Ofcourse after I've upgraded my PC and it was Phenom x6, 4GB of RAM. GTX660 2GB. The 1.6 update was released - game launching increased from 30 seconds to 45 or so, fps was the same as with old hardware. 

    It's about 6 years passed but wtf? i7 7700hq, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, GTX1060 6GB - still fps drops from 100 below 50. U can say "laptop is a crap" and u will be right a little because PC are cheaper/better for the same price. But seriously - game launching for about a minute right now from SSD with 16GB of RAM till Login menu. It's too many. Only Batman AKnight launching for same amount of time cuz unoptimized like shit.

    APB - ~50fps average on minimum@1080p
    DooM 2016 - ~80fps average on all max (80-125fps)
    Witcher 3 - ~52-60fps all max (HW off, with HW 43-57fps)
    GTA V - ~all settings at max, rare drops to 50fps, most of time solid 80+
    Dying Light - all max ~52-60fps (VSync is ON)
    Dark Souls 3 - all max, solid 59-60FPS (capped by the game)
    FarCry 5 - ~50fps average, 47fps minimum. 74 max - all max settings
    Fallout 4 with Ultra High Resolutin Pack (92GB on hard drive) - solid 60FPS all max, 4K textures, VSync is ON.

    I know about the UE3 "two cores usage", I know about the core parking and etc., but the fact is that the game goes worse each year about optimization.

    CPU usage about 30%, GPU 35%.

    somebody else i think had an issue like this and i belive it is because you play on minimum, try ramping up the setting bit by bit, try using advanced launched

  2. 6 minutes ago, kukki said:
    G1 mentioned working on a complete UI overhaul, which this game desperately needs, only to later never be mentioned again. Changes in UI is hopefully what would improve marketplace experience and prevent what you're worried by- searching through pages of useless stuff. Asking to make auctions literally permanent is unreasonable, I agree, but a month or three makes sense, in my opinion, assuming better sorting and searching options would be implemented.

    As for what I can do on my part to make modification management more convenient, I shouldn't have to. To elaborate, I have somewhere around let's say 20 permanent weapons, all fully modded and that doesn't at all change the fact that when I want to change a single modification, I'm forced to go into a primitive window of 100 randomly sorted modifications, to find the 1 I need. Make identical modifications stack, give me options to sort by name, level, color/type, let me use a text search. Is that too much to ask for a game that has been running for 8 years?
    Well the game currently has bigger issues and needs then what you are asking, first we need a new engine and new net code

  3. For the shotguns Matt said that they take full responsibility for the buff and thst they will fix that ASAP, as for the marketplace goes its to prevent people putting items that nobody will buy and the stop playing the game, i would rather put items every 24h then to have to search through pages of useless stuff to find something i need, and as the mods go i would suggest you if you already have that many mods, why don't you put them on your weapons and store them there, that way you wouldn't need to search for certain mod and you won't have to waste time searching.

  4. 20 minutes ago, Nite said:

    Last time I saw Matt post an update on Fallen Earth it sounded like a clusterf***. As in, G1 didn't even have complete source code or development assets for them to work with.

    Yes, G1 left a pretty decent clusterF of code for both APB and FE, so far LO did great in fixing the holes in the code, and for now they fixed what G1 destroyed and left it like that.

  5. 29 minutes ago, hypergoob said:

    Would be nice if they also made the emote system a little better... maybe something similar to Fortnite with a selection wheel? Commands are kinda weird 😛

    you don't have to use commands, on a certain buttom ( cant remember which ) you can open up emotes menu, look it up in the options. 😊

  6. On 7/13/2018 at 11:02 PM, MattScott said:

    For now, I'm sure you've noticed that we are rebooting the servers a little more often to help alleviate the problem. I've setup a schedule with our NOC to try and do that during low concurrency times, and I apologize for the disruption that causes, but I feel it's better than leaving the servers in an unplayable state.

    Will we get notified ingame when the server is about to restart? Like 10 minuts ahead of the restart?

  7. Hello, im not sure if this is only because i mostly read forums on my mobile phone but i kinda find it hard using the admin tracker... Lets say for instance i want to view a reply @MattScott recently posted in the weapon balance post, and i had to manauly search for his latest reply through 13 pages of replys... Would be nice if you kinda make it when you click on a post an admin made it takes you directly to that post/reply.

  8. 20 minutes ago, MattScott said:

    Interesting that you should mention that.

    We are actually looking at new options to reduce our use of PaymentWall.

    This is nice to hear, i'm an apb player tho but i've recently had problem loading paymentwall (i'm planning to start actively start donating once i start working) and it just loads paymentwall page and its blank...

  9. 27 minutes ago, Teardrops69 said:

    I'm pretty sure of this too but people who quit around that time still argue with me about it lol. The reason I'm quite sure of it was because they stopped the reduced rewards in fc and I'm pretty sure it extended for every other district.


    The notification people mention just says it might take longer to get matched, old players just glaze over it and assume it's saying reduced rewards. When there was hard seg, there was always a warning about the reduced rewards too.



    Edit: Also I noticed I don't get the same amount of money shown on the scoreboard when the game ends, but I think the small portion that is missing is what is auto-added for kills/assists/objs during the game.

    The amount of money you see on the scoreboard is the total amount you got during the missions, if you watch closely you will see that every time you get a kill or assist the money will be added to your "bank" and that same amount will be added to scoreboard.

  10. 7 minutes ago, NatTurner said:

    As an important aside I’d like to say that I don’t like that the opp essentially publicly sexually harassed a woman at work. That is unacceptable. Lixil works here so treat her with some respect. You wouldn’t do that to your waitress or a shop attendant: it’s their jobto be courteous and nice to you even when they want to tell you to buzz off. Don’t take advantage of that and cause them to have uncomfortable situations where their employment comes into question should they act on their true feelings. Don’t be that guy. I don’t tolerate it in life and I won’t tolerate it in my APB.

    You filled my heart dude 😍

    Yes, the only vibrations between her and you are the vibrations on the Ban button

  11. 2 hours ago, bitbox said:

    so first of all hi now i want to say a few things so let's get to it so i got scammed. on june 16 2018 saturday which was 15 fucking days ago and i have sent a support ticket right 10 days after that some one by the name of Dixie shows up asking me some questions to answer and so i did but after that he haesen't responded in 5 days so at this point im really annoyed and mad at how fucking long its taking them to do some thing.  i have sent proof video proof what more tho they need i get that they are fixing the game and working on the game but like take some time to go throw the players support tickets and issue's the game is nothing without players playing it so for the love of god do some thing about my support ticket and other peoples support tickets 


    https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/requests/5073?flash_digest=ed9f3d573ef4a7d04ffb60b0666d323dd05ab09a&amp;page=1 << my support ticket >> (#5073) 

    Fyi tickets can't be viewed by other players so the link you provided is invalid, 2nd, by attitude like that you won't get anywhere far, its your fault for being scammed, also nobody is complaining about their support tickets, and if they are, it's just impatient people like you, you will hopefully get your item back but give them some time, you're no more special the everybody else is, and it takes time so sort things like that because they first need to trace where your item went...

  12. 21 hours ago, Nanometic said:


    I would recommend sticking with advanced launcher for the time being as it is the only thing that LO has stated is okay to use.

    That will also probably change with the new engine release, because i saw someone say that LO and USPstyles are working together in integrating some of the advanced launcher's code into the game itself.

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