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  1. Thanks for moving it. I posted on off-topic even being APB-related because i saw the off-topic as a better place to post. But again thanks.
  2. I'm Maverick13 from Jericho server. And I need a favor. L'll even pay. I need someone talented enough with the music creator and editor to make both the complete song and as theme. Kaori Sadohara - Himekuri (Upotte's ending theme). This song is too cute. HERE'S AN "INSTRUMENTAL" if this will help you.
  3. Maverick13

    Rate The Music Above You

    10/10 - Another track for highway cruise. Any Touhou Eurobeat fans? Obs: Reimu is best girl.
  4. Maverick13

    Rate The Music Above You

    9/10 - Unbelievable and good at the the same time. I'll leave this sorcery product here.
  5. Maverick13

    Rate The Music Above You

    10/10 - The violins are great. Leaving the weeb songs asisde... Japanese City Pop is awesome and I can prove it. Maria Takeuchi - Plastic Love
  6. Maverick13


    Hey. Saw this now... Well. I don't have a frenzy. But I'll hear ya
  7. Maverick13

    forum rep

    changes are happening! Changes FOR WORSE. I might add.
  8. Maverick13

    forum rep

    That sucks... First they remove the ability to see who reacted negatively towards you... Then they remove your score... WTF is going on.
  9. Maverick13

    Rate The Music Above You

    10/10 - Anything from this channel is a masterpiece. Sweet Arms - I.N.G. The opening theme of Upotte!! A cute anime about cute raifus doing cute raifuthings.
  10. Maverick13

    Best Weapon for you.

    Exaaaaaactly, I'm glad you understand SHAW user myself. And without any modification. I don't need'em. :v
  11. Maverick13

    Best Weapon for you.

    The Old Scout and N-TEC are the best Scout and N-TEC. A bit of "Overkill" doesn't kill anybody... Right? Too bad I didn't saw how the pre-nerf worked =/ Nice... Well... Still one of my favourites, but Obeya SLR took the spot just because the 3D model being a FAL. SHAW and NSSW are the only LMG's that I really like.
  12. I saw the topic you sent. Yep, The designs needs to be redone. AR-97 is based on AR-18 and is using M16A1 magazines. (looks lame) The small handguard is ugly as fuck.
  13. Still not a good weapon. Still not giving the sensation of a hit when you hit the target.
  14. Maverick13

    What new clothes should be add to the game

    Yep, I wanna dress myself like the Mysterious Stranger and Silver Shroud from Fallout. Fedora: Check Tommy Gun: Check Trenchcoats:
  15. Yep, Misery still shitty as fuck.