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  1. 14 minutes ago, Goldtiger said:

    Agreed. This game is a recipe for disaster when it comes to bringing new players in since it's all focused on nade spam, sitting from far away sniping with your n-tec/hvr, or using your broken ir3 nfas or cj3 oca/pmg with your p2w rfp fang. Hey, i'm guilty of it but honestly this game is hard to play with fair weapons. So much things in this game are broken and LO is trying to bring back the playerbase with new content? Yeah people are gonna play the new content, realize the game is still broken, and then leave. I love the idea of RIOT but it seems like the prioritization is pretty bad.

    Agreed. That's why I keep saying I'd rather them fix up the game first, push the engine upgrade, and THEN add new content 😕

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  2. Questions

    * How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes?

    Overall, its just a bit boring and much more slow-paced than the standard APB gameplay.


    * Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT?

    No. Not at all, but in the future I could see myself having good things to say about it. It just needs a lot of work.


    * How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it?

    Its like BR but you can buy weapons and you have more lives and you can buy lives and random chunks of the map become contaminated so you leave them but you can get a suit to go in them so then you can go in them and you can get $ and weapons and then you can leave again and walk around and sometimes you can kill people and find cars and then you continue roaming around until everyone is dead but they respawn because they have lives so you have to kill them again which is really easy because they have the starting weapon which is terrible so then you kill them again and then its over and you win but nothing happens after that and it instantly resets.


    * What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could?

    Not really sure, the overall flow of the mode doesn't feel good to me. I'd prefer it to have more structure.
    If something simpler, then maybe not being allowed to buy weapons and a better starting pistol.


    * What is your favorite aspect of RIOT?

    I like the idea of scavenging for weapons, though it feels pointless because I'm better off picking up money drops and buying my own guns.

    With that said, I really like the idea of this game mode. Its super cool, it just needs polish.

    I also liked the suspense of not knowing when and where I'd run into players. I actually felt super tense in one match.


    * What about RIOT do you like the least?

    No sense of direction. I felt like I was wandering very aimlessly.



    * No ca3 makes it incredibly difficult to win fights back to back. In one game, I killed 4 people without ever healing and finally died to two more. Start everyone off with CA3. So far every single time I've died in this game mode, its because I can't heal from the previous fight.
    * Make grenades items you find in the world.
    * Why are secondaries so much more rare than primaries? I don't want to use the snub forever, but I never found a single secondary while playing and only could get them by unlocking with cash.
    * Balance the guns that need it (oca, shotguns, rfp) before releasing this game mode.
    * Remove car spawning. If you must keep it, give the players a random civilian car for a higher price.
    * Consider changing the starting pistol to the FBW.
    * Replace burnt vehicle model with destroyed car model instead (might require after engine upgrade)
    * Adjust spectate system to not change the camera while the spectated player zooms in. Being able to move the camera while you watch someone play is super cool, just don't have it change when the player zooms in because it looks weird if you're not on the shoulder side they are using.
    * Allow the spectators to see the nametags of the team they are watching.
    * Allow us to spectate any players on the same team.
    * Allow us to opt out of spectating and be put into a default zone that is blocked off from the rest of the game maybe? Possibly a tower or something up high that you can see the players below from, I dunno. Could be cool watching the match with a bunch of other players and commenting.
    * No explosive weapons.
    * Extra lives isn't a great idea and starting over with a snub nose late in the game is basically auto-death. Why even let us respawn if we are limited to the worst weapon in the game? At least let us respawn with the pistol we had and maybe restrict the ability to purchase extra lives. Something needs tweaking here.
    * Add an ending. When the last player dies, it just cuts off. Let us see the winning team briefly.
    * Everyone should have the same size team.
    * The whole district shut down idea is interesting, but it just prevents any form of structure like in a normal BR so you just get sandwiched between tons of teams and run around quite mindlessly. The flow isn't as smooth as other BR games and the overall experience is just.. boring.

    * Remove the ability to purchase weapons maybe. I think I'd prefer the scavenger feel to the game.

    * A better way to see the zones rather than having to open the map.

    * Add music somewhere at the beginning or end of a match maybe.

    * A much more elaborate tutorial because I found it a tad confusing.


    * Bloom on causes the gas to bug out and appear solid white for some players.
    * Spectate system goes haywire in cars and locks the mouse movement and jitters.
    * Players being kicked for being afk while spectating
    * The areas with all the extra props added murder my FPS, practically in half.
    * VOIP seems to only work sometimes.
    * Spectating sometimes shows gas and a contaminated area when there isn't one.

    * Some drops that aren't visible.


    As of right now, this game mode.. is far from perfect, but has a lot of potential. Its not going to be ready in half a month so please don't rush it to come out. It really needs a lot of work, but it could eventually be great. As of right now, this doesn't compete with other BR modes out there. In fact, I'd much rather just play a traditional-styled BR than this "twist".. Not suggesting you do this, but having a normal BR in APB with the typical shrinking map and one circle would probably be more enjoyable..


    I still feel like the engine upgrade should come out before this. Having a brand new BR-like game mode alongside a new engine at the same time would be much more likely to bring in a bunch of players. At the very least, the game should be balance and cleaned up a bit more before putting this game mode out. I don't think this should take priority over fixing the current content and it worries me that if you guys even tweak this game mode, you won't ever fix the rest of the game. I don't want this game to become only riot mode and not missions anymore.


    Also, why is my latency so much lower in this game mode? In a full server, I'm getting a third of what I get on the live game. My friend from AU was getting much less as well.


    Overall, I would have been more excited with the announcement of the simplest change, as compared to an entire new game mode.

    For example, reverting the Oca and shotguns, nerfing car spawner or remote detonator, adjusting consumable shields.

    JUST ONE small balance change like that would gotten me way more excited about this game than this entire new game mode..

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  3. 31 minutes ago, IROCkiller said:

    Honestly a better solution would be allowing a Waterfront contact to be pledged to in Financial, if that's even possible

    Then Waterfront would never actually be open again because players prefer Financial.. which is fine, its a better map but it'll get pretty repetitive to not have the little variety that currently exists.

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  4. 19 hours ago, MattScott said:

    Hi all,


    Jericho was objectively awful over the weekend. Some of the sustained attacks were over an hour.


    We’ll work on a way to give back the Premium time to Jericho players. The team will continue to work on our new DDoS solution.




    its been about 5 or 6 hours straight currently 😕

    this has been ongoing for the past month.. its really not looking good and the playerbase is already so small....

  5. Its been like that in APB for years. Its just more noticeable now due to how dead the game has gotten.

    The current Citadel is less than what Joker alone was in 2014, maybe early to midway 2015.


    With that said, Jericho has more people at peak than in that picture. we get one silver district and one rarely ever full FC. That's not saying much though.. I know a lot of NA players that have moved to EU. I would if I could tolerate the latency. Looking forward to the merge, though I do worry that people will stop playing NA districts completely when it happens..


    edit: found this from late 2014



    Damn, that makes me sad.

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  6. 13 hours ago, Latsha said:

    so maybe instead of removing car spawners we could have these heavy cars nerfed so that they won't be this much of a hassle to destroy?
    i mean paired with armor plating 3 they could aswell be called indestructible

    Yeah. Or maybe even be able to go up behind a car spawner and press our action key to "disable" them so that we don't have to waste our resources and slots to take them out.

  7. Oca buff was unneeded, RFP range buff was unneeded, nfas buff was unneeded, Obeya/ Obir range nerf was unneeded, csg rework isn't very good, shotgun ttk didn't need to be nerfed (though JG isn't that terrible if they fix the Oca).


    Instead of halting changes when the weapon balance is a bit of a mess, they should just fix the major issues and revert the things that didn't need fixed.

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  8. It isn't the servers, Matt said its ddos. Some 12 year old got hit in the ban wave and is ddosing them every day. You can even see his sleep pattern. The DDOS starts at about 5 PM or so and usually ends around 2 AM. Then he goes to bed and it repeats XD

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