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  1. So after playing quite a bit I started noticing a lack of vehicle diversity, as in it's all vans, vegas's, jerichos, starter car or the rare exceptional vehicle. However I also understand how simply adding more cars won't change this, so I thought: Why not motor bikes? Really nimble and fast, but low hp and you can hit the riders. Literally a high risk-high reward vehicle!

    More interaction with NPC's. Basically, contacts are things to be grinded at this point. Or any other point. Which is a shame, apart from the emails they send you all you need from them are the items (Why do you need the emails? Well I don't, but it's fun reading them for me.) so maybe pledging to a contact could give you certain perks while active, or maybe asking for their help in a mission (Like a kill streak in CoD) Example: You get 3 kills in a row and he sends you a car at the closest possible location; You get 2 kills and he delivers you a flare gun, usable once only. Nothing too strong or game changing, just a bit more flavor to the mission. 
    But the contacts aren't the only NPC's out there. There's lots of citizens and all you can is either rob them, kill them or ask politely for their car never to be returned. Imagine being able to use them as a spy, threatening them or asking them for help, or even asking them to do simple objectives like delivering stuff :v 

    And combat you ask? Well, I've noticed while playing that sometimes you "miss count" how much you actually shot someone. I use Obir quite a lot, but any other rapid fire weapon suffers from the same. I know the red X is supposed to do that job but honestly it doesn't do it too well at times. What I'm getting at is getting audio feedback for each shot I connect. Like in Rust you hear that small sound. In case you think it's useless, believe me when I tell you it would save my arse a few times. Why? Well the visual feedback isn't perfect, so complimenting one with the other could make it better.
    Loading range. I know how 100 meters is max range, and basically out of range for many guns. But I feel like increasing it to 200 would make tactical decisions a bit... safer... Or not... I'm not so sure about this one.

    About progress. When you see the whole picture, it all fits rather nicely together. But I can't help but feel OVERWHELMED. I'm a casual player, and I bought premium to skip a lot of the grind, something I never did, in hopes of getting APB back in it's feet. Here's the issue: Casual players want to have fun, set an objective and complete it, or just PvP to your hearts content. These are perfect for APB! But as we all know there's a HUGE skill gap, so many casual players will simply leave the game to find entertainment in another one. Well for APB to get a bigger community you need these casuals, and the only way to make them stay is with "softer" progress. I've reached third tier contacts, with premium, and I'm already a bit scared. Not because of the third tier, but of the fourth, fifth and specialist contacts. How long will these take? How many months will I have to spend... How much time will I have to dedicate... These questions throw off any person with a full-time job that can't afford or doesn't want to buy premium. Long story short: Make grinding contacts more casual friendly by reducing the total amount of standing points needed, or make standing points earned scale with your current "level" so you can have a smooth progress. In any case, at this moment, it doesn't feel non-premium friendly at all. 

    For example I have spent 50 hours on one character, I think, and I've reached third tier contacts. With premium it takes around 3-4 won missions to level up, around 1.5k standing points each mission I've won. But then looking at the specialist required standing points... 700k... Man, I just don't feel like grinding it out 😕 In total I'd need 466 won missions to level it up to maximum, rounded numbers mind you. Each mission takes on average, what, 20 minutes or less? Let's say 10 minutes. In total, one specialist contact would take around 77 hours to max, with premium, which roughly doubles your won standing points, and this implies only won missions. So just imagine a casual: He won't. I need to be frank, no game can simply attract dedicated players or hardcore players and survive, so IMO you need to make this game friendlier towards casual people. BTW just because LO needs money doesn't mean they need to "soft" block in game content so people buy premium. 

  2. I'm of the opinion that any and every dethreater gives absolutely no shit about rewards. First: Max "level". Second: Millions in $apb. Third: Easy enemy, easy fun. Fourth: Slowly ranking up? Even better!... 
    IMO you need to give rewards for getting better rather than taking them all away.

  3. 5 hours ago, Yood said:
    On 9/26/2018 at 7:29 PM, IAmRaykan said:

     However I'm a baby 

    I'm worried you might lose your account altogether .
    In certain circumstances I wouldn't be surprised. 
    On 9/27/2018 at 5:38 PM, VickyFox said:

    Ok so just to confirm that accounts linked to Steam can have Armas paid for by Steam Wallet and additional funds can be added to Steam Wallet while in game/Armas.

    As for the benefits for LO with the use of Steam linked accounts? At this time it's most so beneficial to just be on the platform at all.
    Steam gives LO the future potential for more exclusive content and deals, Steam Achievements, Cards and Badges. While being minor, these little integrations can be an incentive for existing used to keep active via steam while attracting new users.

    Financial wise, we don't know what kind of terms are to the agreement with steam but the exposure of APB to a wider audience on the platform in theory should outweigh the cost.

    Thanks, I don't know how to link my account tho I'm trying, but this is good to hear

  4. I support this. The Brazilian community is huge, if it gets traction there, APB might actually get an increase of over 50% population in one day (speculation only, but it isn't baseless) 

  5. You can't really change the matchmaking with negatives in game without breaking the community and possibly the game.

    I thought about this and also researched a bit. There are 0 rewards that I could find to be gold player. There is no incentive to rank up unless you want to. I mean I couldn't believe it at first, but honestly even if there is, it's so bad people don't care and de rank all the same and play in silver servers while gold. 

    You could say adding more ranks would help it, and I agree, IF the amount of active players wouldn't be so scarce, you do that, servers would be unpopulated. Making silver servers for silver only and etc? Same would happen, not all players would do it BUT a lot would. I could explain it in my words but I got a feeling everyone knows what I mean... 

    My suggestion is simple, make one more rank, give out different rewards scaled with ranks in the end of a season, every month or so or yearly (A yearly season is the normal, but idk, APB isn't the game normal people keep playing (casuals) for a year non stop to get rewards, maybe doing it once a bigger community is established). This other rank would define really good players, diamonds, turning APB into a even more competitive game might give it a better chance of surviving, with esports (Actually I want to know your position on linking APB to esports).

    In the end, giving players a reason to stay is all you need, so daily rewards for newcomers, rank rewards for killing two birds with one stone: now golds will stay gold for it, and giving a reason for newcomers to continue persevering! 

    Why do de-rankers exist? Because there's no point on staying high, in fact you'll just have more fun if you de-rank. The demerits are there, but demerits alone aren't enough, if you have time to de-rank, then less money won't bother them, neither contacts and much less leveling slower... And giving really punitive punishments for it is just going overboard for someone who just wants to have fun. This wouldn't kill all the de-rankers at all, but the matchmaking would certainly be a bit more leveled. As now there's a reason to play against golds and rise to rank diamond first place NA! 

    UNFORTUNATELY... there's little to give out. Any in game reward is just "yay". Maybe exclusive animations, or cars... I don't even know... In game currency? Add it to the pile. It would be good as a daily reward for newbies, nothing else. Exclusive skins/ weapons? They can probably afford them all... Or already have them... Real world currency as G1C? LO needs money now, they can't just give it away. Exclusive mega customized clothing? Most people already do that, not sure how can they beat them. 

    Conclusion: Any real measures to improve matchmaking, as my guess, can only be viable after the engine update. LO can't afford to drop it under other work heavy suggestions, if they do, that time for sure APB will die (If it does, please give it out for free, so players can make dedicated servers...). Why? Well because at least 30% of the population is here playing to support LO for it to happen... Including myself... Basically LO is in a super tight spot right now... Even better, they bought a type of game with 0 experience on it. But I love them, because they're trying to revive APB, and I hope they do, which will only truly happen after the engine update.

  6. A few more emotes could be cool, sitting, laying down and shite like that. All in all it would simply increase RP value and add a new way to advertise the game, like a screenshot with lots of people emoting instead of just standing or dancing. The game isn't really meant for that, but we have all of that customization already so why not give it a bit of flavor with poses? Obviously I don't support this until the "Big Update" arrives.

  7. So I wanted to spend some time/energy/money into this game. However I'm a baby and can't use my own credit card blah blah blah, all I have is debit, and so I just can't spend money into this game, which for me (I wanna grind out all crim contacts) is a bit of a killer. I am legitimately thinking of getting premium, unfortunately I don't have the paying method. So I thought about LO linking pay methods through steam (If there aren't already, hence this might be a question and not a suggestion) with linked accounts.

    Any benefits for LO? Honestly not all that much I can think of, for me it's easier because I can put money into steam easily with pay safe cards :v This might be the case for more people so maybe, just maybe LO could get a nice profit out of it. Yes I am aware of additional charges, which I'd be willing to pay for LO. 

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