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  1. So how many months exactly do I have to wait for new decal/font packs to be given to me after their release? I remember buying the first 'new' decal packs halloween 2018 only to get it again for free later since that's what supposedly happens when you own the KTTC pack. Still waiting, don't really want to throw money out the window for this again.
  2. Yeah, why this exploit/cheat is dont removed out of the game, huh?
  3. Oh my, I can't wait to finish hunting the purple pumpkins too!
  4. Dr Martens platforms? Please thank you
  5. What have you guys broken again? If I send messages too quickly EVEN IN GROUP CHAT others won't see all my messages AND I HAVE NO WAY TO TELL WHICH. You guys are honestly really bad at your job. Please shut the game down already. PS all my friends have noticed the same thing
  6. Pinpuce


    so many nice pastel colours on me thank you stickies end me
  7. Pinpuce


    NOT THE HORSES COME ON MAN WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU YOU MONSTER : ( horses are life ok dont do that
  8. Pinpuce


  9. Pinpuce


    excuse me? are you invalidating my problems? ????
  10. Pinpuce


    i feel like a rear bumper, i keep getting hit and broken, and i get "fixed" with tons of colourful stickies to hide the pain i'm just an empty mono body with no wheels
  11. I feel what you're saying, but at the same time you can get it for quite cheap these days.. Though I would also understand that from a preference pov it's shittier, but that's irrelevant, just fix the damn thing already.
  12. What do you mean? It's only been half a year or something, give them time. In all seriousness though, the FBW-SD works, so, that's something.
  13. How the hell do you even manage to get such bad performance? My vanilla game runs better than your config'd game... i5 8400 @3.8GHz GTX 1060 6G @1898MHz 16GB DDR4 @2933MHz
  14. Pinpuce

    Latest migration patch

    Are you implying LO isn't doing anything to fix the most important issues with the game?
  15. There was a program getting set up to engage some players with translating the game, years ago. Maybe that's something to consider when LO is done being too busy breaking everything and telling us the new engine is coming soon.
  16. Pinpuce

    Cyrillic is a problem

    LO breaks stuff in an update? No way?! Reporting someone doesn't seem to do much anyway, and most likely over half reports are just coming from people who get pwned. btw shields have also been broken ever since the last patch but you know who cares
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