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  1. 2 hours ago, Cazadora said:

    You might have noticed there is a new forum background option under the APB theme. During the talks with LO on where the 3D community was going, they gave us the opportunity to do this! So here's the render Whiskey, Sameriah and I did! 😄 Needless to say we are honored to see our stuff in an official place...


    cool poses and prospective...  nice lights... pure apb style overall. amazing work! really.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Raikou said:

    I was looking on what to do with my male criminal, then I saw this clothing combination and thought, hey that's cool, maybe I could spend a little on this.


    Torn Top: Punk Clothing Pack: 2,599 G1C /  2079 G1C

    Arm/Shin Pads: Impact Bonus Pack - Combat Gear: Impact2,099 G1C1679 G1C

    Cargo Capri Shorts + Spray Cans Leg: Guerra Libero LE Bundle - Wargear Outfit5,099 G1C4079 G1C

    Desert Scarf: 369 G1C / 295 G1C

    Hand Wraps: 99 G1C

    Total: 10265 G1C / 8231 G1C = ~$110 / ~$95


    Not quite sure about those pants tho.. Did I miss anything?

    Would be nice to buy things separately, since I wouldn't need over half of the stuff from those packs..

    I wouldn't spend that ridiculous amount on this game anymore, hope Armas will change for the better.

    @Defiler Sick character though!

    nope... no missing.
    but i'm afraid that from 2012 to 2015/2016 [my top activity on this game] i have spent way more in G1C... i'm not sure i want to check my purchase history... 😐

    thanks so much for appreciate the character.

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