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  1. 21 hours ago, MattScott said:

    Hi everyone,

    I know it's been a while. I didn't get sick or die.

    I've just been buried with the studio and getting some work-for-hire projects shipped.

    Little Orbit is very close to announcing a couple new things we've been working on, but I'm way overdue for an update on APB.


    I finally unpinned the APB 2.0 thread, and I'm starting this one.

    Here is my first APB update in a long time to explain where we're headed.




    I'd understand that sometimes we need to take some time out to release frustration, but when leading a project like APB Realoaded, where almost no one believes this project has any future, you just can not leave everything behind and kinda forget about the community that is willing to keep supporting this project and the team. 
    It is a massive insult for those who still playing this even with a low number of players and more in specific the ones that still spending money here.
    At this point you can come with all the apologies, will not be accepted at least by me until some serious work comes out and really shows to us where this project is currently

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  2. What a disappointment this is, Matt....
    We have been waiting for too long and looks like no one is capable to complete the engine update and at this point no one will be available to finish it. I think LO should consider on finding a new development team capable to finish the new engine or starts from zero with a decent team that can make it in a short time. We know how difficult is to rebuild a game and not everyone can do that, but if you think your team is not capable and at this point, we can clearly see it, recruit new members or re-establish a whole new dev team capable to finish it.

    After reading the roadmap, I also think it is a good idea to keep updating the current client until the "new engine" is done.

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  3. Just hire some serious developers, the current state of the new engine is equal to zero.
    I tried to believe that you guys were capable to do something, but honestly it is just a waste of time. It seems things are just getting worse after every "open beta".

  4. This will take years to be completed, years that you guys do not have. Not worth to look forward for this project, upgrading to unreal engine 3.5 is not worth to wait, since it will take years. There's a lot of work to be done, the performance is something crazy because it is so bad, also the textures / lighting / shaders, everything. The graphics itself looks horrible for a game that wants to come back. None will be interested on playing this game in the future, maybe you will have the same old players coming back or not. High risk for a lost game that is not worth at all.

  5. 2 hours ago, xB00Mx said:

    Where are the old old APB fans here ? who doesn't remember this glorious log in screen ? i just stumbled upon it on youtube and boooy it gave me great nostalgic feeling when i used to play it almost 24/7, the goosbumps..




    ever since they changed the game the way they thought they are improving it, it just kept falling down deeper and deeper, starting from changing this beautiful log in screen into some noisy trash.. all the way to the joker p2w weapons..


    why don't you "whoever owns the game now" try to go all the way back when thing where just good ? change the log in screen to the classy old one, stop adding none sense useless microtransaction stuff and instead, work on adding new events to the server.. like, a big event with 20v20 or more that happens every couple hours.. imagine a planned mega bank heist or some thing else that can gets the player waiting around to join and try hard to win.. thats how mmorpgs keep their players around in the first place, use your imagination.


    man, i really loved this game, it makes me sad to check it stats on steam charts and just see it drowning.. hope devs will find a way to revive it, and i will be more than glad to help .



    I'm sure you are not an active player or checking the news in terms of updates, you should give it a try.

    Why adding an older login screen, if they can do a better one compared to the previous? Think about what can be done to improve the game in general.

  6. 1 hour ago, Iazer said:

    It is also ridiculous having extremely high damage output weapons in a third person games, and for the opgl it is incredibly ridiculous to have a heavy grenade launcher thats explosion radius is 7m inside such a confined district such as asylum.

    at this point a suggestion to rework the OPGL would be better than a topic asking to remove it from a fight district.


    1 hour ago, SkrotN said:

    @Cuve I found a live one!

    well.... you did Skeleton.

  7. Honestly, it would be something interesting to see in game and how players react to it. Now they have to work on new events to make it possible, since the ones you mentioned are special events for special occasions.
    LO is working on new missions as they said before, unfortunately we are not going to see new missions until the release of the new engine

  8. I don't think change the modifications itself will solve anything.

    at least this one specifically, LO needs to spend a bit more time exploring a way to balance every weapon category, so in this way things will work properly. Maybe increase de cooldown to avoid spam made by explosive guns.

  9. I'm sure nothing will be done until the release of the new engine. There is no point of advertising the game right now, since the team is full focus on trying to release the engine, advertising the game now it will drag the attention on a negative way with the current state of the game. So the best to do right now is wait.

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  10. There's nothing that can be done right now, our unique chance will be when the new engine release and hope for a new matchmaking mechanism with it, as everyone know a simple update on engine is not enough to revive this game.
    My suggestion is to add level limit on each district, change the gameplay mecanhic would be fantastic, maybe removing this ridiculous jumps and make the things easier with a new smoother mechanic.


  11. Hello there.
    I had the opportunity to run the beta at max settings sitting around 100 FPS.
    Overall the game is not smooth at all, sometimes it freezes, also looks like you are playing at 30 FPS.
    The aim looks heavy and it is for sure not the best aiming experience, I tried to use the same configurations I use on live version and it is almost impossible to have a good experience in terms of combat.
    There's a huge improvement in terms of lighting, textures looks kinda smiliar to the current one, but nothing to worry about.
    I'm glad to have some stuffs back, such like bullet tracing.
    There's still a lot to be improved special in terms of performance a high end computer should run it perfectly, the current graphics are not an execuse for something like this.
    I hope to see a huge improvement in the next open beta.

    The new game version should not be only focus about support and graphics, nowadays this type of combat experience with huge jumps and others ridiculous things are not flashy.

    Keep it up Matt and team you are doing well.



  12. 2 hours ago, Saxtus said:

    Nowadays, most golds are using APB in potato graphics mode?


    Nowadays is easy to get a monitor that supports 144Hz and most part of the players want to get it, by lowering the graphics.
    Also this game gets even worst when you upgrade to the new generation of graphics cards or processors.
    I'm running this game right now on a RTX and I can't play it properly without frames drop.

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