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  1. About 2k over the years, give or take. Nothing really left to purchase from Armas right now for my main since I have everything I wanted. Can't wait for new clothes to arrive so I can throw more money at this game.
  2. I see, okay thanks! I'll give that a try.
  3. I've been having trouble trying to purchase character lifetime weapons of any type. The guns that have this little purple guy flag on them and say that I have purchased them on a character. A few are correct but the majority are not. I want to purchase character bound but it restricts me and says I own the weapon char bound already (which I do not) meaning I have to buy it account wide at a higher price. For example I don't own the RSA Hunter, Osprey, ACES Rifle, Fang, Rocket, and many other categories of guns that it says I own character bound. Not sure if this is a bug or not, or if anyone else has ran into this. I used to use the 3 day trials quite frequently before that system was taken out. Maybe it's has something to do with that and thinks I own the guns char bound? Thank you
  4. New CalTrans Road Worker 3rd faction? All you have to do is work without being killed in the crossfire between crims and 'forcers for 12 APB$ an hour.
  5. I'd rather have the butcher skin tbh than those silly glasses.
  6. I still enjoy the game, personally. I just like to hop on from time to time fiddle with clothes and cars and mess around in FC for a bit. This game's core has always the same to me so I can't really relate. We've just have gone through different era's over the years. In my eyes APB is the game I fell in love with in high school and I will always love it till it dies. There is nothing close that let's me express myself as much as this game does. I think massive exposure to the radiation given off by this community made me immune. I always come back to the game even when my jimmies are rustled or I get #Spanked2ez One thing though. Bring back the ability to be hit by civilian cars again whilst crossing the street please ty.
  8. No no, make an "APB 2" Put it on mobile just like Diablo and Blade and Soul. Wait. Profit? Off season April Fools achievement unlocked!
  9. 300hrs in social, not total played. I was literally answering your question you asked about my social hours... Like what even are you talking about anymore lol.
  10. For one thing my statement was not to be taken seriously... not sure why you gotta show me a pic of your chars lol. And like maybe about 300hrs give or take idk actually. I don't really care about total playtime. You're clearly the real cool guy here.
  11. How 'bout they re-release it later in the future as a fully/semi constructed tower? Interior props like desks and junk for cover? Breakable glass windows? Same amount of floors and such, with scaffoldings on the perimeter still but less places to get crossfire from and more ways to ascend/descend the map? Maybe that's asking to much lol
  12. I just know you as that "Witty TvHead Fetish Guy" Charge 99G1C btw
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