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  1. lol my pleasure someone wouldve made this stupid thread anyway
  2. This may or may not have been suggested before i'm not sure, but i'm thinking perhaps 1-2k jt depending on the category it's up to LO what the prices will be ofc am just suggesting it would be nice to have these available from the joker store or armas idm either way. Since i've got quite a few player created songs and having max capacity of 20 just doesn't cut it for me.
  3. lol give them some time will ya? how long has it been like a month or two? i get it you're tired of the content drought and so am i, but atleast be grateful someone bought this old granny of ours, the game could've be shut down by now instead
  4. K3i

    New content, ranks, and fair vote suggestions.

    this, exploitable af
  5. K3i

    Trash talks

    as long as a game stays mainly PvP there will always be trash talking, simply learn how to trash talk yourself to fend them off because it will never end, there's just no point in avoiding it. Don't be an as.shole that starts it tho lol
  6. and i hope it stays like that, whatever goes mainstream tends to get ruined forever, i like our little community here <3
  7. K3i

    Matchmaking issue idea

    exactly, G1 had the right idea you suggested pretty much this in that other thread about this issue, it's just a matter of how they do it really.
  8. Just for collection purposes i wouldn't mind them being available for a limited-time again, i'm sure others wouldn't either LCR might be a bit trash but i like the look of OCA Silverado without the scope like on a Whisper.
  9. on point, i like rolling solo most of the time but even the biggest vets here won't always get lucky enough to abolish a well-organized premade squad on their own while playing on pub unless you bring some pals with you as well, fight club and bronze districts i suppose act as remedy to this situation.
  10. 1 burst from that thing and youre already at half health i believe some nerfing on minimum should be in order, either the range or mag capacity or damage and/or accuracy adjusted slightly because it can outshoot a primary no prob at least the .45 takes some learning with it's recoil plus jamming mechanics and well not the best kind of accuracy on longer distances compared to rfp
  11. K3i

    Matchmaking issue idea

    Here's what I have in mind, don't let the game match trainees/bronzies with gold threat players and keep things as they are or just remove threat over all and make the ranks red and blue letting RNG decide who to match up with who anything else just strays too far from APB or copies too much from other games taking too much effort imo
  12. K3i

    New Way Of Making Money

    oh so kinda like heists in GTA, pretty neat but i believe more important things are in the line like finally getting that engine upgrade/performance issues so if LO does consider this it will take a while
  13. K3i

    New Way Of Making Money

    wouldn't this go against the lore since enforcers are supposed to prevent stuff like this from happening lol what would it look like if your local cop starts robbing stores out of the blue i must agree that current system can be stacked against crims sometimes but i have heard from a few that they managed to make enough for a legendary so