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  1. f&ck sake just revert the overly forgiving pellets on shotguns and call it a day, nobody cried about shotguns being too op or weak they were fine as they were, skill should be rewarded not luck.
  2. K3i

    Save password option

    Why not just play through steam? Or are trying to imply that save password option is somehow more secure than none at all? Kinda lost here
  3. K3i

    Can someone help me.

    If you look this error up there's plenty of videos with people having the same problem with other games and their solutions it seems. https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/windows/application-error-0xc000007b-3613164/ here's a list of things you can try.
  4. K3i

    Can someone help me.

    Tried clicking the 'repair' button located in the launcher yet? reinstalling?
  5. this or go stock STAR a jack of all trades just like it says in the description.
  6. K3i

    similar games to apb?

    There's Warframe but it's one big grindfest shitshow that'll suck your free time out of you, it does have PvP but most people won't bother with it because they're there for PvE content mostly, you'll still find a few populated matches no prob tho. I'd suggest getting some proper prime gear first because it does give you an advantage and so do mods that you will gain through every match or you can exchange standing points for the mods that are also gained by simply playing it. PUBG is going the EA route with their micro-transactions instead of optimizing the game i've heard, haven't tried it but it's future doesn't seem too bright so far. Every other title that I can think of is just single-player campaign stuff if we're talking third-person shooters. There is Insurgency that is FPS it's kinda like battlefield/CoD but more realistic, it does take some time to adapt after that it can be pretty fun, has community-created reskins for your weapons and etc for free, it's also getting a sequel with more gear and new maps in it called Insurgency: Sandstorm.
  7. K3i

    similar games to apb?

    >thinks armas reskins are somehow more powerful than their original counterparts >Joined Aug 2018, literally a month ago >lmfao yo how's middle school so far
  8. K3i

    LO has good taste

    it most likely is, but the point of this thread is to acknowledge that LO's art team knows what looks good. Doesn't matter if something is re-used, as long as it looks good and is iconic to the game. ya it's something i suppose
  9. K3i

    LO has good taste

    Isn't the background just double-b's loading screen slide without her in it?
  10. K3i

    nerfing ltl

    no sh.it, that's the case with most weapons in the game, by that logic should all weapons be reworked then? Go around and take them out one by one instead of rushing them both like a headless chicken. pmg shoots the slowest out of all SMGs but it also deals the most damage per shot and in my experience is the most accurate, the only time Stabba works out well is when the opposite squad is less experienced and you're not in a huge 4v4 8v8 mission where you're not getting teammed on, not to mention the time you're locked in place because of the arresting animation to finish which leaves you vulnerable. I suggest you try playing with the Stabba weapons yourself and see how 'ez' it is.
  11. such a shame aint it lol
  12. The wind-up timers are fine it's what makes them unique from the OPGL, the only EOL that could use such a buff is the Hammer since it usually takes atleast 3-4 nades to kill someone with it unless the nades fall literally right on the target(which happens never) and it has only 2 nades in before reloading so you'll almost always will have to rely on your secondary, while with the Kickback you can fire all 3 and it almost always will guarantee a kill as long as you land the nades near enough, the Deep Impact one has the highest damage out of all three and destroys most lightweight cars in just one nade.
  13. K3i

    APB OTW Installation error

    guys try disabling whatever anti-virus software you may have when you're installing, seems to be working fine now for me atleast
  14. Any possible way to fix this?