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  1. Give me the cougar mommy Aletta, the father-figure everyone wishes they had Ernst, best bro Darryl and this zombie "apocalypse" will look like a fun family trip round the country.
  2. Not only do crims get way less cash than enforcers per kill, none of the two get to rank their weapon roles either. I believe past events like the halloween one have had this disabled too. What's the point?
  3. I see your point but different/unique weapons tend to be locked behind a paywall and stir up controversy from newer players that this game is pure p2w, this wouldn't be an issue if the game wasn't focused primarily on PvP so reskins are more favorable imo. Now a glock and it's variants as an FBW equivalent would be real nice too.
  4. Seems fitting since we already have another German classic that is the MP40(Obeya CAP40) and the Luger pistol(OSCP 'Kommandant') in-game and although they're not reskins, they definitely hark back from around the same era. I don't think SHAW has an actual reskin however and the AMG-556 is on a whole different league of it's own, whereas ALIG has the CASE so I feel like this could fill in the spot quite nicely. Edit: here are the names I propose along with a couple pics, preferrably with open 3 slots should this become a thing. GPMG stands for General-Purpose Machine Gun. Obeya GPMG 'Buzzsaw' Obeya GPMG 'Krieger'
  5. >In this tug-of-war over control of the city, only one can come out on top. Will it be you?
  6. incendiary's could be abused pretty hard by blocking entry points with some guy and his car with an ammo mod or an ammo box, i feel like smoke nades could be actually pretty useful in a lot of situations if they don't completely destroy frame rates
  7. get off that high horse of yours and just say youre another pissed off ogre cheeser then
  8. there's a better cheaper option right infront of him, are you saying all legendaries have to be more powerful over their regular counterparts?
  9. Yes i never had the need for such a gun, but if you state that the regular f2p nfas is a lot better then why do you even care its supposed weaker version that's not as easy to get got nerfed? Or are you just butthurt you bought into it before the nerf and regret it, if you own one and know that the f2p nfas is better why even bother? lol
  10. so what you're saying is basically the guns you have to either buy with real cash or grind a ridiculous amount of in-game currency to get should remain overpowered over those that you can get access to through a lot simpler means, i see if you can't handle regular weapons and have to resort to broken cashgrabs then maybe you should consider playing something else. filtered part made me giggle
  11. They have yet to add the achievements to steam as well, just wait for a proper fix i guess
  12. pretty sure we had this thread by the same person before, except now there's a complaint about her little phallus-shaped autoshotty getting nerfhammered cosmetic feature that brings no use to the overall base game, except being a nuissance and possibly taking over more processing power on our already unoptimized game. I'd be fine with it but the game is laggy enough as it is..
  13. Usually i'll pull out one of these when i'm feeling lucky or tired of the same old meta, but if it ain't working i switch right back to whatever was before that like many others. I think the answer is pretty clear.
  14. can do great with higher sens, outclassed, situational, some potential but locked behind an expensive bundle, ugly heavy and slow, a good cr7 alternative, rest are meme british weapons and most of the EOLs are decent except for the hammer(could use some love)(but not too much)) redundant and innacurate, expensive and useless, meme, quick pew pew no hit hits not all weapons have to be strong imo some can be just reserved for fun, i think they're fine in this state tbh makes for a good challenge in gun game events
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