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  1. Yea all they have done is bait FE as if it will be a new server.........  LO tram is like the boogeyman 😭😭😭 ......... They are trying to drop the game period.........  You people should wakeup 👁

    On 11/13/2019 at 1:24 AM, Aroa Croft said:

    Let's be realistic from the current point of view and what we have.

    - There is no online game.

    - Everything about the new game is based on speculation, which soon seems to be a Chinese job and the priority for LO is apb and not this game.


    About the part of the caravans that you have explained is very good, but I have to tell you that the game "worked very well" at some point until some update was made, therefore "those caravans" were not necessary since there were more solutions simple to make the game "productive".


    I don't think there is dishonesty or anything else, but lack of resource management and understanding.

    The new company started by saying that its priority was apb (we all understand it) but after that the company has sold us a motorcycle with long teeth with hope (here comes the Q&A with nysek and the almost monthly post of how many file libraries are missing ) --- So why do you do this if you turn off the server, don't you understand? here is the explanation.



    you say : There's no added money if the game is losing money because it's too expensive to run the servers and not enough people are paying for it. 

    Look at the game in its essence "it works", it is productive (proven fact for many years) and I already gave the solution 17 months ago , and I don't see the reason why it hasn't been done, being a new company who takes care of it.


    Since you want to compare with Bethesda, I tell you that Bettesda has done a good marketing, but although it has launched the game too soon and with bugs, but the benefits are there, starting from a base that is a game that has cost a lot to do . The marketing that I proposed would cost about "zero dollars" and would have taken many dollars of profit in addition to giving a notable increase in population.


    You'll see how time makes me right again. If they redo the game and take two years, as estimated, it will be played for as much (30-40 people).

    The reason is very simple, it is called lack of confidence and finally I tell you that what a company must offer in a game is not graphic power, it is not super fast servers, it is not giving promises continuously ......... .......... what the company must offer is a game that of playability, trust and positivity in a common project with its community, which gives benefits to the community (spends its time well) and the game (generates resources)

    Everyone who dislike this drowns in their ignorance. 😪

    On 11/11/2019 at 7:18 PM, Dracio said:

    For those that believe something should be up for them to play now I ask what your experience in programming is?


    You seem to have such broad knowledge on how to fix FE that you must of worked on many, many games to know that in such a short period of time LO should have completed work on a couple of sectors. Just to give you something to do in your down time. Your knowledge of  Icarus must be astounding to know without a doubt how easy it will be for LO to port the game over to a new engine. You must of seen the current state of the coding and figured out exactly what must be done.


    Please in your wisdom show us the extent of your knowledge of things obviously none of us have ever considered. Tell us all how to fix the issues in technical terms to prove you really know anything (because of course we  all know those crying for things now, this very instance are clueless on this matter).


    Stop getting your panties into knots. Sit back and wait like good little children. FE will get back online 'IF' and 'WHEN' LO can solve the issues they have encountered and not before, no matter how many times you stamp your little feet.

    Dracio 🙄 LO has brainwashed you........  Don't defend something that doesn't care if u slip into heaven by tmr...... They have stalled us out, lied to our mother and fathers............  They have inappropriately touched our members hearts........  Wakeup and see what's going on like fr dude.

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  2. I don't think so.....  *cough* yet 




    On 11/4/2019 at 10:50 PM, Doinkz said:

    hollywood,    as long as it takes. thats how long im willing to wait. 

    we all aint dying anytime soon so its all ok.   we should all want them to take theyre time

    this way we get a good game. bug free, lag free, hopefully cheat proof.  lets just all cross our fingers and pray for the best. 


    Wow baby 

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  3. 13 hours ago, Aroa Croft said:

    There are many contradictions in your words.

    1- You say that there are too many problems and that a factory reset would not solve it, then tell me, why the game has waited 17 months, knowing this?, it doesn't make sense, don't you think?

    2- I am not informatic, nor do I have any idea of programming, but if it is so difficult to pass data from one side to another, why is the game state and its libraries being sold "from minute 1"? , I don't understand this if the game needs years to work. It's like selling smoke or buying time.


    The game only needed two things, a reset and a level limiter at 30, without touching any map,

    With only this, the game protects itself with the materials that nobody could get since there is no level.  and the only thing that would remain would be to protect the objects of "marketplace" in some way as giving them all as "non-interchangeable".

    With all that said, the community would remain active, the game would remain protected and at the same time it would have been an addition of "money (whatever any owner wants).

    Possibly and seeing the words of matt there will be FE 2, but the great impact it could have has been lost, since the game has failed the community and the propaganda that generates this will always be negative. (about informatics, programming I don't know but about marketing yes)

    Agreed, in some way some how the Little orbit team is stalling 🤷 . . If they have people think that this task of fixing FE would take years 🙄 it's another agenda behind it. {my opinion 💁} "They are slowly letting the FE community die off until there is no liking into the game, allowing fans to attend elsewhere, while they slowly banish the game. I believe their real attention was apb reloaded and they got it, clearly nothing else matters." but to those who keep up with this wait <fuss are not awake to their 😂 net surroundings ... #tragic 🤦😭

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  4. 17 hours ago, Julian Bull said:

    This isn't how software development works, friend. It's also not why they're shutting down the game while they work on the new version. The servers are too old, too complicated, too custom, and too expensive to maintain - Matt Scott said as much a while back. Doing a "factory reset" does nothing to solve that core problem. 


    Porting a game to a new engine isn't trivial either. Especially since the Icarus engine is so WEIRD to begin with. It's not just opening Unity and going File > Open > FallenEarthprogram. I think you might be thinking of it like ripping a DVD to a video file, or converting a photo from JPG to PNG. Think of it more like translating a novel from Mandarin to French. It's involved, there are nuances, there will be mistakes, part of it will have to be totally rebuilt to get the same effect. 


    I short I get what you're saying but you're really, REALLY underestimating how involved this project is going to be. They're rebuilding all of the back-end (server) stuff AND all of the front-end (client) stuff as well. It's gonna take time. 9 months until alpha? A year? More? Yeah, I believe it. 100%. 

    Hm I like this 😋

    9 months to a year tho? .. Bleh 

    17 hours ago, Riverwind said:

    HW - Maybe you should just wait like the rest of us and stop with the doom and gloom. Thanks


    Allowing such attitude towards FE fans is a No-No 🙅 . . Waiting is *cough* B.S . . No ty.  🤷

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  5. 10 hours ago, Doinkz said:

    counting our chickens before they hatch is not wise. 

    I'm sure we will ALL hear once the game is ready.

    no one is more excited than i am for the new version to be done. 

    lets all just be patient and let the team do they're jobs


    So like quik question 🙄

    1. How long are you willing to wait? 🙆

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  6. Honestly, I'll say FO4 was the 2nd weakest fallout series, but it's something new I'm trying. Fallout New Vegas is #1 . . . But if it had FO4 it would......  🤦 I can't even finish the epicness 

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  7. 🙄sir have this topic, swiftly made u insane? . . . You can overhaul the game itself quickly. {Factory Reset} kinda idea where everything is set to default settings. Ok, trying to keel with most request from others keeps options limited. In 2 years LO will drop the game and it would only be a memory to those that even  played it. 

    P. S = #If LO says it'll take 1-2 years to get the game back working = means their secretly closing the game and no longer are working on it 🤷

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  8. On 9/5/2019 at 4:06 AM, Aroa Croft said:


    Matt, at least you could try to reset and leave two maps, which may work and attract new players, all being in a controlled and small environment.

    The biggest publicity of a game is "word of mouth" and although I think it would be stable in terms of money and contributions that players could contribute. For trying a month you lose nothing, since you plan to shut down the server.

    To say that games like final fantasy arose from desperate ideas and are currently referents. To say that I believe in the potential of the game and although I tell you for the last time that the patch of gores was the one that created the current "lag" of the game (which was overwritten on several maps and bosses were put on). That was by mid 2012.


    Greetings and thanks for not closing the forum while the game is closed.

    Aroa Croft you make sense 👍 others going against you are drowning themselves. This hold up, it's inconclusive, an wastes time with words following a ending solution. It's just get it over 🤧 once all those who play the new server with a wipe,  they will continue to play. 😪

  9. On 10/22/2019 at 11:38 AM, Viscera said:

    Where were you when G1 was working on FE, hiding from Tiggs i guess? cuz she would most likely block you from the forums if you made such topics like this.


    LO didn't made much progress to even be in the Alpha phase, so ya better wait few more years.

    Also u must be a foreigner if you don't understand our Americans laws of "Freedom of Speech" I can sue you son or daughter. 😂😂😂




    5 hours ago, neophobia said:

    the gane engine and well, game (code), is trash, not just the map. (not talking about mechanics etc, i have no clue about fe)

    build a game engine and then code the whole game anew.

    thank you for the input, but FE needs a solution. It shows your support towards all the issues we have. 👍

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  10. On 10/22/2019 at 10:17 PM, Aroa Croft said:

    it matters, if you are going to give a new start "it is more than enough" with those two sectors and the length of their missions and maps, creation / learning of equipment and weapons, get ap for missions or events and other curious things for get given its rarity, get materials, raise levels ..... among thousands of other things that can be done (like pvp).


    I only say that these two sectors give life to the game for at least a year or two, more than enough if not more if you add the "thematic" events (Christmas, Halloween, the day of the dog ...).


    As I said, a reset was the solution, and now that the wolf came and ate the sheep, don't expect new ones to come in many years.




    this video i found in youtube explains what happened in game, the wolf came......







    Let's thank all those people who didn't want to "lose" their level, their priceless items (like a piece of cooper that was given to them by another player named Chuck Norris in the game, and who stopped playing), or their investigated recipients ............ seriously,


    it's crazy and more seeing that "the silent majority (who does not write in these forums) did not play the game since it was" more of the same, seeing this reality reflected in steamcharts (as I have said hundreds of times).


    The game needed a renewal from scratch, yes or yes, but in my opinion the game did not need what has happened and that is the consequence of some "forum players"


    The CEO has stoically endured 17 months with this game in decline and has not made the decision to "start from scratch" when he should have taken it as soon as he took this game.

    Since he is a new company and does not have to eat the mistakes of the old company.


    I am glad that he made this decision and I am glad to see that all those people who did not want to reset and thereby save the game see the mistake they made.

    In my opinion, a simple reset with two or three maps, would have saved the game and at the same time the game could have controlled "the bugs" and the game would have given a lot of money.

    But well I want to think that it has not been possible to go back to an earlier version or to alter the current one in such a way that it was able to return to something similar to an addictive version as it was in 2011.


    I wish strength and give all my support to the CEO and that At least inform us every month of your progress as we are in the dark in an ocean and aimlessly.


    - aroa -

    Aroa, u literally made perfect sense about the situation. "Those who debated on the forums to keep their items, they now witness the mistake due to they won't play FE for years to come" and also a valid statement "With LO being a new team they were suppose to make a {serious decision} knowing what they were dealing with clearly} Reset the game and open the 1st and 2nd sector for gameplay to continue for players. Aroa I have the insight to 👀 exactly what your saying. I honestly care for all FE players gaming future and this is why I speak on these matters. 💝

    19 hours ago, Pelltuk said:

    When will someone actually tell us what is happening to Fallen Earth. Is it just going to be left to die in our minds or is it to be revived and revitalised.

    This is something all players should take serious, I agree with Aroa on monthly updates with game progress. "Walking blind make you fall in sooo many holes" 🤦 omgeeee 




    On 10/22/2019 at 7:00 PM, Kishoot said:

    It isn't my goal but i'm realistic front of the facts.

    I don't understand what you mean but ok.

    Kish, buddy they have owned FE for 17 months and you mean to tell me you can't release a server with sector 1 and {maybe 😂😂} sector 2 . . For gameplay. Where FE fans can adventure with friends again. I mean Kish we should all feel as if we deserve more and better, dig 👍. . . 🤘




    On 10/22/2019 at 7:00 PM, Kishoot said:

    It isn't my goal but i'm realistic front of the facts.

    I don't understand what you mean but ok.


    On 10/22/2019 at 11:38 AM, Viscera said:

    Where were you when G1 was working on FE, hiding from Tiggs i guess? cuz she would most likely block you from the forums if you made such topics like this.


    LO didn't made much progress to even be in the Alpha phase, so ya better wait few more years.

    Baby, Tiggs adored me  . . . . 😇 Giggity  . . .  But Viscera we have to be more realistic about The FE situation, dig? why wait years 🤷 and with the {right decision} everyone could be playing the game again by next Wednesday. Baby,  it's just not ringa-ding. Lights 💡camera  📷  action 🎬 . . . . FE2 please 😏🙋🕺💃

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  11. Hey Kish, if your saying they don't have a sector 1 complete, your making them look horrible, hopefully your a team player and can understand progress containing the percentage of FE2 completion.

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  12. This is true statements, I would politely donated a large sum of money to keep servers running. I'm sure all players are prepared for FE2 to be available to all players. Yes I agree,  BTW who are you lol. Doesn't matter this is a nice topic an our heroes of the LO team should acknowledge this topic. 😇

  13. On the contrary, thinking about a transfer with a different cycle of the game would be weird 🙄. . . . How will u keep G.o.r.e like items if they open a server with such items an they don't exist 😵 . . . A balance is a hefty decision cause {veteran drops} can be recaptured {- . . . . . . -} but what about the other transfers?

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