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  1. 2 hours ago, Fortune Runner said:

    APB is an addiction.

    Doesn't matter if we have Battleeye or if something better comes out for us.

    We all know we have been here all these years because that APB addiction is in our veins.


    And we love it for that


    Well, it's the only game of its kind in existence right now. We don't really have any options.

  2. 52 minutes ago, Kivron said:
    He didn't make the files, he appropriated it from someone else, to get the credit.
    The original batch files were from some big forum guy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day. These batch files were later edited by another guy I can't recall (it's been ~4-5 years). I found his post and further edited the commands to be more efficient.

    I've never claimed to be the original batch dude nor have I stated anywhere that I made them all myself. I just happened to have a solution to a problem the OP has.

  3. 2 hours ago, Genobee said:

    He's kinda got a point. Can set something like that up to make it a quick and easy process. Works really freaking well.

    Disable Music (themes optional)
    ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary\*.mp3" *.back
    ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary\*.wav" *.back
    ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\FilePackages\Music.pck" *.back
    REM cd /d "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\MusicStudio\Instruments"
    REM for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir /b /ad /s') do rename "%%a\*.wav" "*.back"
    Remove "REM" in front of the last two lines to disable themes as well. Save as a .bat file INSIDE YOUR APB DIRECTORY.

    Restore Music/Themes
    @echo off
    ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary\*.back" *.mp3
    ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\FilePackages\*.back" *.pck
    cd /d "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\MusicStudio\Instruments"
    for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir /b /ad /s') do rename "%%a\*.back" "*.wav"
    Save as a .bat file INSIDE YOUR APB DIRECTORY.
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  4. 32 minutes ago, MrsHappyPenguin said:
    1 hour ago, mynd said:
    Yet the Shredder is now a monster gun, completely ez mode.  I was making big owners rage against it last night, "you paid 50 dollars to kill me."  That part was hilarious, but is nonetheless solid support that the weapon is indeed broken.

    PS - I just did the free trial you goofy nerds.
    The shredder is now a midrange AV rifle.
    That kills in 3 shots at 40 meters.

  5. @Snubnose
    moving vehicles aren't really the problem, the problem is the range it's getting blocked by enemies, it's simply just too small and should be expanded (maybe like 80m).
    Boom Box!
    > CAR SURFER: never had a problem with car surfing people other than running with the item and AV weapons. other than that they have no cover and it's really nothing that bothers, since it's really easy tracking a carsurfing target. I'd be ok if there was a slight accuracy penalty but nothing too serious.

    Running is exactly why I proposed what I did. 1 or more guys hanging out the windows with blow torches and one alig or w/e on top 😞
    > REMOTE DETONATOR: give it like a 45secs - 1 min cooldown (agreed on that point), but just remove extended explosion radius as a car mod... it's only purpose is to buff detonator. it's hard enough if the detonator car goes off and you have to run out of the huge radius, but meanwhile the enemy can shoot at you while you can't shoot back because you had to run, which leads to certain death.

    The explosion radius mod was around before remote det was, but yeah, I agree that they pair well but idk, I think that's fine.
    > BLOW TORCH: don't see the reason to reduce blowtorch cooldown more if there's a penalty for using it while carsurfing or hanging out of the window. it's really not that OP or annoying but again - a tool used by people that run with items, wich is another problem that needs to be solved but not by nerfing blowtorch too much.
    I think you misunderstood. I dont want to reduce the cooldown, I want to reduce the length of time you can 'use' it.
    > LOW YIELDS: pretty much agree on that, even though IMO the whole explosive spam in APB should get reduced... maybe by reducing all grenades to 1 (and give them slightly higher resupply time), or nerfing explosion radius overall.
    1 nade max might be a bit much. Definitely agree with the resupply time though (as I stated in my post). The biggest problem I feel is the resupply.
    > RADAR TOWER: no. this is the worst. it's a free 2d radar cheat for a certain area (areas, if multiple people use it) with no penalty. also, "just destroy the car" is not a valid point, since this exposes you aswell, and often the car is placed so it's not too easy being destroyed so you're already spotted when you have the opportunity to destroy it... also, enemies will just respawn it after it has been destroyed (if you didn't manage to do the objective by then).
    That's why I proposed the boom box change. I feel like that'd be better than exposing yourself to nade it or w/e
    additionally I'd like to mention SPOTTER

    it needs to tell the spotted player that he's been spotted. just like firework launcher does. (even though IMO firework launcher should get it's spotting range reduced, so we have a chance to run away from being spotted). also, reduce time of being spotted... I think it's somewhere around 8-10 seconds right now, reduce it to 5, that's enough for your teammates to notice and doesn't take you out of the game for too long.

    I agree with spotter needing to be noticeable by the people getting spotted.

  6. @Nanometic -- I appreciate your input and I agree with what you've said, especially about not making the game more complicated (for newer players). The cargo penalty is a quick-fix for sure but I feel like it would really fuck up heavy carry missions. Who ISNT going to run a blue mod in their car? Hell, the starter car (that now comes with a car spawner mod) has 5 slots of storage (enough for 1 heavy item). With the quick fix capacity penalty, this would leave new players in a bit of a bind.

    Sure, you could just grab an NPC vehicle, providing there are any nearby but I feel like that isn't good to rely on.

  7. 33 minutes ago, indi said:

    There is other things G1 changed beyond just weapon balance. There are mods that were added like Car Detonator, Radar Tower, and Car Spawner that devolves the meta into racing around in max HP Pioneers/Espacios that in my opinion should be straight up removed from the game all together.

    Car Surfer and Low Yields (Yes, I am complaining about Low Yields despite me being a frequent abuser of them) are also imbalanced in my opinion, reducing the grenades to 2 or just removing them all together wouldn't have a negative impact on the game. Car Surfer is just a meme tbh.


    I would rather have the 'new' mods changed rather than removed. Things weren't all sunshine and rainbows before their introduction either. Pioneers were still used heavily (im looking at you Armas Pio) and arguably harder to deal with.

    > CAR SPAWNER: Disable the ability to spawn if the vehicle is moving with the possibility to counteract this if you use muffler
    > CAR SURFER: Make this an activation blue mod (we'd need another keybind). Ride on top of vehicles for x seconds (10 sounds good) with a x minute cooldown (1-2 seems right)
    > REMOTE DETONATOR: Give it a longer cooldown and/or make it also increase brick's cooldown.
    > BLOW TORCH: Reduced the usage time by half. If used while car surfing or while hanging out of a window, reduce the effectiveness by 25-50%
    > LOW YIELDS: Increase their resupply time by 50-100%. Reduce their number to 2 but if you use flak jacket, they dont get their number reduced (2 instead of 1).
    > RADAR TOWER: Pretty balanced imo. Keep it as is
    > YELLOW MODS: Just make them permanent already
    > BOOM BOX: Make this useful by making it an AoE anti-radar tower / anti-car spawner deployable. Or make it a 'decoy' object (makes random gunfire noises).
    > MED SPRAY / MOBILE COVER / RESUPPLY BOX (both) / EPINEPHRINE INJECTOR / SATCHEL CHARGE: These all feel pretty balanced as-is. Maybe add a despawn timer to deployables

    > VEHICLES: Give different vehicles bonuses/penalties to certain mods.
          Some examples:
                                   Mikro gets a range bonus to radar tower but a penalty to car spawner
                                   Pioneer gets a bonus to fast fix but a reduced effectiveness penalty to steel plating
                                   Kurai gets a bonus to steel plating (mod penalty reduction perhaps) but a penalty to fireproofing

    @Nanometic @mynd @Abduct / Devote @indi @Tobii @Dopefish -- Thoughts?
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  8. 17 minutes ago, Sayori said:

    What's wrong with  yahoo? Or you prefer having everything on google's servers so only they can spy on you?
    Anyway, this is a concept art someone made it to add them for their portfolio. If it was paid by  G1 you won't see it hanging there.
    Yahoo does the same thing. The only 'safe' mail service is Proton Mail.

  9. 2 minutes ago, SuperToaster said:
    Most of the game revolves around CQC. There’s no way to “adapt” to a shotgun that can 2 shot you from 15-20 meters lol.

    The only way to adapt is to slap on a CSG like everyone else. Shotguns are broken AF and need to be reverted back to what they originally were before the patch 
    Reminds me of the old Fortnite double pump meta. I'm shaking atm.
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