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  1. If these same closets whom were banned by FF, and punkbuster were to be revealed, they would say 1. I gave my account away, so I wasn't the cheater whom was banned. 2. They've already name changed all their characters already, in fear that EAC, might catch their private hack off guard and get them banned, so there is not a shred of proof. 3. Deny. All in all, these long time closet "pros" are going to cheat regardless, of if they're named and shamed. #getshreadded #Letsgobois #doyouevenlift #myegoisbursting Some of these 255 closets, received their accounts back from punkbuster and because of LO's bonehead idea to restore their accounts that were ff'd, they continue to test their private $50.00 a month hacks.
  2. 255 closets are cheating under new names, some streamers hide it barely well enough, for their white knights to look the underway, when someone calls out the player. It doesn't matter, the closets will cheat, and get away with it, because they will say, I gave my account away and decided to come back on a new account... etc.
  3. Tank yuh bredda fi di update mi appreciate yuh time
  4. Di serva dung yet again bredda likkle orbit wen yaah guh fix di servers?
  5. When you used to get 1 ms on the server and now you get 100+ ms.
  6. Yet, they've said nothing on this issue. It doesn't bode well so far.
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