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  1. LOl, you asking people if they're triggerbotting LOL. I'm sure they told you the truth ahahahah.
  2. They are working on remaster Fallen Earth and trying to hock Decent that game, that they're redoing or whatever. right now
  3. We should also block dnSpy Also @Signarly when you start speaking truth about triggerbots, the closets are quickly trying to shoot down the ideas. Heaven forbid, they have to play the game and have to click, and be shitty at the game again.
  4. I have never watched that before @Similarities hmm Maybe, tobi assumed it was his friend? btw is you're name from Naruto, tobii?
  5. I don't have any friends here But, bullying someone, doesn't build anyone up, you're only making yourself look bad. There must be some reason, if he is doing that. Also, it's not your job to, bully people. People will, do what they want though :(
  6. Show me, why being to do something like this is not that serious? A well-rounded player would be deadly with a triggerbot, that's a fact. Streamers, using them right now, with a hotkey, to not misfire or shoot at red names. Example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw-id2oWUe4&t=1s
  7. Do you really need to bully people in your signature? I believe, messages on your profile is meant to stay there, not be used as a tool to troll or bully others. From, what I can see, you're a decent guy, no need to lower yourself. this kind of text pops up when you aim at vehicles (vehicle name), vending machines and all that kind of stuff... does this kind of triggerbot also start shooting when you aim at cars? if the car is the color used for the triggerbot, that it's supposed to fire on, then yet it will fire. Some noobs are dumb, as you will see them rapid firing at jokerbox ammos LOL.
  8. I'm all for getting rid of the color, to stop or deter, non-injected triggerbots.
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