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  1. in-before all these kids start, spamming the buy joker box button. I'll wait bide my time, and waiting for the impending nerf. sold it for how much?
  2. Kivron

    Make APB Great.....for the first time: A list

    No, you would think you're angling for a staff position.
  3. Kivron

    radical idea

    Glad, LO isn't hiring you to do the changes. Your ego, on stream is quite evident. @Triksterism You always need to feel relevant. LOL, it's great seeing the Seinfield crew rekt you and mind.
  4. Also add one for songs, as a lot of people use static created songs to irritate others/ grief them Thanks for this, Trik. He didn't make the files, he appropriated it from someone else, to get the credit.
  5. that's the catch, @xHenryman90x If you win an item you already have, you should get to roll for the prize again.
  6. BF II also had lootboxes that gave you crap, yet now it's only a box with what you get actually. Not a per chance loot box, where you get the same items over and over.... People are going to get addicted like they already do and waste loads, and prolly never loot the gun out of the box after many, many, unboxings.
  7. I wonder if we can get the Eu involved into the joker box "loot boxes scheme, and get it bannable.
  8. You don't tell anyone, if they can complain or not. You're a forum poster like everyone here, you don't have any authority, to tell others what they can and cannot do. smh I mean it's really not hard to use the N-tec in CQC, all you need to do really is hold LMB, control the very low recoil and track the target. I don't want the N-tec to become bad but it is by far the most used weapon in the game due to its versatility. You already see top 3-4 man teams on Citadel run nothing but 3 N-tecs and 1 HVR/OBIR simply because it does everything you need in the game. I don't want its tap firing to become slower or less accurate but simply make it less of a CQC laserbeam because imo that's really whats making the gun so versatile. The n-tec now seems to fire slower and is pretty bad, when your shot do not reg. The gun is not that con-formative anymore.
  9. I typed a response 3 times, I'm done with this annoying text editor. It will not let me quote.
  10. The way you phrased it, I'm sure anyone can tell it was quite snarky sounding.
  11. Kivron

    radical idea

    A lot of us, run flak jacket, so we already have two? So what we should only get one? Where is your logic? Also, NO to your "radical idea".
  12. Honest question. How is it that everyone here in this sub group seems to improve with every render, but you on the other hand get worse with every picture? You're quite rude...