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  1. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    When the optimization will come?

    Engine upgrade is the last hope. If that does not fix the abysmal performance that will be the end for apb.
  2. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    radical idea

    I'd like the 2011 version myself...
  3. Double barrel shotgun...
  4. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    Weapon Balance Changes - 1.19.6

    Great, now implement an ability to remove improved rifling from preset weapons that now became useless so people can swap it for something that is actually useful. Glad Yukon's bugged fire rate has finally been fixed tho.
  5. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    APB = Pay2Win

    The only p2w thing in APB is Yukon.
  6. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    Can't believe how many people fell for op's obvious bait...
  7. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    game is currently unplayable

    Server lag + FPS lag = enjoyable experience
  8. Welcome to the f2p world
  9. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    [Repost] RTW 2010 vs G1 2014

    Rtw all the way no competition. I'd like them to release oldschool APB servers with game version from RTW times removing all the stupid things G1 added or changed.
  10. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    Is repeatedly saying the "N-Word" bannable??

    But some people like to cause drama
  11. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    Restoring APB's Visuals

    And 2011 performance too
  12. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger

    The plan to fix the lag

    Very nice. Hope you won't stop with server lag and FPS lag will be addressed in upcoming future.
  13. ╬ PzKpfw VI Tiger


    No worries - no one can run APB anyways