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  1. I actually believe being a crim gives you combat advantages, for example a crim's shooting animation when using a FBW shoots with one hand only as opposed to enforcers holding the gun with both hands. It has a sort of placebo effect on the player since the hands a more free during the shooting animation that makes the player become more nifty and shifty moving around while shooting? IDK if its like that for others but its true for me.
  2. You've probably been playing against Sidezz a lot, he's pretty deadly with that carbine, but you should try the gun, its pretty strong with RS3, just sprint shoot the gun and you will realize the huge advantages it has over some of the other guns when tapped correctly.
  3. Skill is reflected in your threat color most of the time. Gold would mean you can maintain high scores in missions and have a good amount of wins. Basically keeping your invisible K/D/R high enough to stay Gold. These players are somewhat familiar with the game's mechanics. Silvers are usually frowned upon, they are not consistent in matches and do not get very good mission end scores. They haven't gotten used to the game's mechanics yet. They come in a few varieties, there are Decent Silvers who eventually learn to game to become Gold, Braindead Silvers who are too slow to read chat and ruin the missions for their teammates and the rare few who dethreat to play in Bronze District. Bronze players are usually pitied on as they will usually be recognized as beginner players and have absolutely no idea of what they're doing, even annoying Silvers sometimes. Silver Rank 255s just mean that they have played the game a lot and unlocked a lot more things but they cannot beat a skilled low rank Gold reroll with default weapons.
  4. 7/10 I liked that one. Akira vibes. Here is a classic,
  5. To be honest, I miss being a Silver and there was a very adventurous vibe to learning the game and calling Gold threat players "cheaters".
  6. 5/10 Kind of Earrap3 Early Neil Young was a cool folk rocker,
  7. A good number of players don't know this but you can actually tag players who are leaning and shooting while in cover. Your crosshairs have to find that area in the corner where you can still see "red" even though the leaning shooter's character can't even be seen. If you find that red area with your crosshairs you can tag the shooter by firing in that area, you won't see any hit markers on your end but you will still be tagging him/her. A tip for players who think leaning while in cover is unstoppable.
  8. Quitting the game because they nerfed broken shotguns????? Please tell me you're trolling.
  9. This isn't an exploit, and this doesn't rally happen in Silver Threat Districts very often. When the opposing team DOES take the item and starts running with it in a tanky car with an OSMAW on top, there ARE things that you can do about it, they're not unstoppable, just don't stupidly chase behind them with your own cars, you have to sort of split up individually with your team and pay attention to where they are on the map (Press M, YES, YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE HELD ITEM AND WHERE ITS GOING) instead of chasing them try to stop somewhere and have them come to you in your direction, that's when you should camp there with your OSMAW or Volcano and blow them up.
  10. You peeps got waaay too comfortable with the shotgun changes, NEVER get too comfortable with recent weapon changes, they can change anytime. Just accept it and move on and enjoy the game with other weapons.
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