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  1. On 12/13/2019 at 5:17 PM, Hollywoodzz said:

    Eric, that is the smartest thing you have ever quoted all 10 years of FE existence. If Little Orbit will message me email {Snipped email ~@mayii} And we could go over the billing expenses for ownership of Fallen Earth, I will agree to it willingly. As, I also will have my contract and copyrights set. Yes, Eric thank you and you have gave me a excellent partner in business this can be done and hopefully they receive this news and contact me literally.

    Guessing you don't get sarcasm.  XD 

  2. Yeah time to uninstall, rather ironic the population was finally starting to pick back up a little since you finally got the servers running decent again. No point in wasting time here anymore especially not for an event right before shutdown. Anyways it's been fun and thanks for keeping it running for as long as you have, but i won't be back for the next version if it does actually happen. I know my computer won't run it anyways so might as well get out now and just uninstall. Wish you good luck on a revamp. I'm out would say see ya but i won't be seeing anyone in game again. Only those who know me on discord or other things will be those i talk to after this. Been fun! (sort of)

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  3. Well what you should know I guess....


    The game is old and has some bugs sometimes, but still well worth playing and if you have issues most of us know how to get around them on some things. The community...  well like most you will get good and bad. As with any online game you get some toxicity here and there. But as a whole the community has a lot of good people in it. Well as supporting the game getting a sub is nice especially if you are a crafter. And some market items do sell for quite a few chips. Anyways hope this helps.

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  4. 18 hours ago, PraiseTheSun said:

    Do the missions in the starter towns, they usually learn you the basics! Also, try region chat or whatever to find some people. Global 1/2 (like a whole server chat) becomes available after your first purchase. Which can be free if you do a few surveys, it's an easy way to get in contact with people. 

    There are no longer surveys. Might try looking for a clan to join, Support Team Clan seems to be one of the more active clans with members who play often so might see if you can join them if you spot a member.

  5. On 6/27/2019 at 7:35 PM, miketam said:

    Well..u only really need 186 first aid for stanch 7 not 196..can save 10 points there.

    You have empathic at 130...may as well go to 135 to get bene 6...or u could drop it to 117 for bene 5..as it is u have wasted ap there,

    Could also drop perception to 95..can craft all items in game at 98 intelligence 95 perception. may need 96 perception as it can bug sometimes apparently . but still a saving of at least 10 ap.

    the 96 bug is mainly you need to relog when respecing a toon. when you log back in the numbers fix themselves.  (well for me at least)

  6. i would go with 129 empathic myself, for restoration 4.


    This would be the base i would use for any crafter build myself. You can get away with lower Rifle using Marksman +37, or Desperado for pistol +37, and Bloodlust for melee +37. Faction shirt can add another +3. The rest would depend on what i wanted out of it.




    This is basically like an old rifle build i had, i didn't run marksman so i could run dread on it for certain times. would run give em hell 5 for an aura to boost power higher. And is a crafter with decent heals.




    Also end game armor makes a big difference on builds, for that i was using an offensive suit.

  7. 11 hours ago, llamatron66 said:

    last time i played... everyone was buying lockbox keys to get everything they wanted including cars... and crafters had become pretty much useless... that's when I quit.

    Everything they wanted??  Cosmetics and certain cars maybe, but armor, weapons and things you need in game have to be crafted not bought on market. That isn't pay2win that is pay2lookpretty.

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  8. 1 hour ago, llamatron66 said:

    Still watching this thread as a player of the original game that I loved so much as a crafter and an explorer. Loved Citadel, but hated every patch after that. Hoping one day you succeed in getting this game back into shape... and the extra pay2win stuff bolted on after doesn't come with the fixed version.

    What pay 2 win stuff? No armor or weapons are sold on the market so that makes no sense

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  9. 1 hour ago, WreckageExplorer said:

    Can a mod lock the thread please?

    Why, nothing out of line that have seen. Try closing your browser or not reading any posts maybe?

    1 hour ago, Aroa Croft said:


      i told you already i sorry if you " feel acused" when i suspected on you, okay?





    That isn't an apology btw, i don't feel accused you did accuse me. Seen it in the video and in chat logs friends sent.  SO once again please google the word accuse so you know what it means


    Basically if someone is a suspect it means someone is accusing them of something.

  10. 2 hours ago, Aroa Croft said:

    video is sent to gms  by a ticket.


    Obviusly i have suspect who did, the same person who already put me a negative status is same person who did, i sure 100 percent.


    Fallen earth need quit " haters" from game, they do a lot damage to game


    as sure i was first person who was chicken, that person try cover doing same to all others for fun, using gm power for troll players

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious to me who you mean since you straight up accused me in game.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Aroa Croft said:

    lets end post here.


    I believe in gms will do correct work.


    Lo is profesional company, continue is make a toxic topic

    Yeah and i DO WANT a public apology for accusing me when you find out how wrong you are.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Aroa Croft said:

    stop  it,  this not go with this forum, this is taking personal now, and its not the way it must be taken


    If you have any problem, do a ticket or do you like, i just explained to you what happened, because some fake new gm trolled me  abusing powers and you were in who and i suspected on you, but i NOT say in any moment " i am  SURE 100 percent is you", i tell you again, if you feel bad because i supected on you i sorry,

    lets end story here  okay?

    You are no one to tell me to stop, YOU accused me so i have every right to post on here and you claimed you were 100% sure you knew who it was and in your video you accuse me of it, so apparently you are 100% sure it was me. You want this to stop, then stop replying and quoting me.

  13. 1 hour ago, miketam said:

    I got turned into a chicken then killed and flagged up pvp as one too..when i politely protested in global ..Ok it wasnt politely really.

    But i mean what kind of sicko does that to ayesha...im lovely and the nicest person in FE...and modest too.

    And you have known me long enough to know i would not do anything like that i hope.

  14. 1 hour ago, Aroa Croft said:

    i say, i suspect of you because you on who, but in same time i suspect of others " haters" i have.


    I was first person converted in a chicken, so is obviusly person have something againts me, thats because i suspect was you, but suspect is not acuse, is diferent.


    If you feel acused, because i suspected of you, i  sorry, but must understand things happened and situation happened.

    Lol thing is, i do not HATE you, you are not important enough of a person to waste my time with hate. And you might want to learn what the word accuse means because you apparently have no clue so here let me paste from the dictionary....      "claim that (someone) has done something wrong."





    verb: accuse; 3rd person present: accuses; past tense: accused; past participle: accused; gerund or present participle: accusing

    charge (someone) with an offense or crime.

    "he was accused of murdering his wife's lover"

    synonyms:charge with, indict for, arraign for, take to court for, put on trial for, bring to trial for, prosecute for; More

    summons, cite, make accusations about, lay charges against, file charges against, prefer charges against;

    impeach for;


    "four people were accused of assault"

    antonyms:absolve, clear, exonerate

    claim that (someone) has done something wrong.

    "he was accused of favoritism"

    synonyms:blame for, hold responsible for, lay the blame on someone for, hold accountable for, hold answerable for, condemn for, criticize for, denounce for; More

    impute blame to, assign guilt to, attribute liability to, declare guilty;

    informallay at the door of, point the finger at, stick on, pin on

    "the companies have been accused of causing job losses"

    antonyms:defend, hold blameless


  15. 1 hour ago, Aquefire69 said:

    Is the video uploaded online? Or just privately sent to yu?

    I see and hear everything!

    1 hour ago, Aroa Croft said:

    Can you STOP harashing me?, plz stop?

    Can you stop accusing me? 

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