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  1. Late reaction but why wouldn't I? He ruined my mission by getting me stuck multiple times
  2. Whenever I request someone to trade me and he/she accepts it my game just gets black and crashes in an instance. Same happens when someone sends me a trade offer and I accept it. Anyone who has the same and has fixed it?
  3. So this player griefed me by flipping my car and getting my car stuck so the enemies could fire their volcano at me, I'm still pretty pissed of off the fact that I think he was ghosting for them too since he was with us almost the whole mission, well ty for reading this and pls reply where I can report
  4. I mean like some people come here to test stuff out but I'm here cause u rank way faster and u have everything unlocked, which might be fun for some players and for some not... The point I'm trying to reach here is that I want more people to play for fun on the OTW and not just play for trying out new guns and stuff. Ty for hearing me out :)
  5. What files? Could u please tell me what files did u exactly delete? I can maybe try the same with the hope it'll work
  6. So everytime I open the APB launcher it wants me to install BE which is very odd to me, so I just click install everytime and the install says it has completed, but when I open the game and join a district. As soon as I join a district I get kicked for "needing to update BattlEye" I have: Uninstalled BE and reinstalled through APB Restarted my PC Reinstalled APB And a lot of other things to fix it (Yes I have looked it up, nothing found) Anyone else here with the same problem tho,
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