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  1. On 5/5/2019 at 4:02 AM, Zolerox said:

    Guess i'll have to login after 4 years absence, Hope i didn't lose too much (maybe this time support can recover my 2nd account that has my vast collection of cookies)


    1 question Is item stacking working yet?

    I haven't logged for years too, are you sure because if i understood Matt said they lost the 2 last week...

  2. On 4/10/2019 at 10:42 PM, Aroa Croft said:



    Matt, I think you're rushing with that option. Statistically the game was already bad and this will not improve. My opinion is that the game has a big problem since the last updates made by gamerfirst. Honestly, it's hard for me to get in, given that LO has done a few surveys of prohibitions to people who do not deserve it because they continue with the 400 accounts, using vpn and using the same cheats. Without going any further, I entered three days ago and I have seen an empty world with the three known cheaters attentive to doing their "headshots". Please matt, give us a "minimal reason" to play the game, give us a fucking anticheat !



    edit: stadistics : https://steamcharts.com/app/113420

    They will look for exploited items, it seems to be a good compromise.

    The anti-cheat is off topic.

  3. 21 hours ago, Bupkis said:

    There's no argument here. The new GMs have to remain anonymous because that's how GM'ing works in all other MMORPGs. (to my knowledge.) The staff explained the reason for it. It is not subject to change.

    No argument? On others MMO, are they recruiting players through forums to your knowledge? If they recruited real anonymous ofcourse they can remain anonymous and we weren't even talking.

    1 hour ago, PraiseTheSun said:

    I must say that it is for the best to let them be unknown. Yes, the FE population is small, it's easy to pick out who is who.. however  expecting the GM's will act more professional than on their normal acoount, it should be fine.


    If everyone knows who is which GM it can compromise their neutrality. I can assume it's easier to be "neutral" towards friends if they don't know it's you. Considering they don't tell everyone their real identity! 


    Also like they said before IF there are any problems just report it and they'll (I hope) deal with it fast enough before there will be any issues.

    By recruiting here, their neutrality is maybe already compromised.


    BTW i'm done, i understood things won't change.

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  4. I don't want to break your Santa Claus buddy but this laptop is not amazing... Even more for this actual unoptimized FE.

    Is your 2012 dinosaur was a laptop?

    Buy a laptop only if you really need one, prefer a tower, at sames performances a tower run far better and can be easily upgraded.


    If you want i can send some yellow vest to boxing Santa Claus.

  5. On 1/6/2019 at 11:21 PM, Drake Dragoon said:

    2. Hit Boxes - The only good toon in this game is the smallest female toon you can create. But since that isn't explained to new users, they spend weeks leveling a huge male toon, only to discover they wasted their time and must start all over with a new tiny female toon. This is a big problem. I suggest the hit boxes be 1 size fits all OR give more defense to bigger hit boxes.

    Or simply make an injector or another way to change gender.

  6. 32 minutes ago, StubbyClaps said:

    Poor decision imo. The Fallen Earth community is extremely small so trying to hide your gms isnt going to work out well....

    Hell yeah you're right Buddyclaps

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  7. On 1/1/2019 at 1:57 AM, MattScott said:

    The code for the Frontend client:


    There are about 175 code files and 210 headers with nearly 165,000 lines of code in total.


    The code for some common libraries and tools:

    There are about 250 code files and 1450 headers with nearly 650,000 lines of code in total.


    The code for the Backend services:

    There are about 720 code files and 1170 headers with nearly 1,000,000 lines of code in total.


    The data for the game:

    There are 77 3D levels

    There are 6,200 3D models
    There are 5,100 3D animations

    There are 22,500 Textures



    Thanks for the infos but it is just a state about the volum or this files have already been "converted" ?

    In the seconb case: respect


  8. 17 minutes ago, BrightNightLight said:

    GM accounts cannot play the game.


    Whoever is selected won't instantly become a GM, there is a further screening process and ultimately an interview.

    Be that as it may, GM identities will not be revealed. That is final and not subjected to change.


    The GM accounts, not the GM person

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  9. 1 hour ago, Ritual said:

    Not only the NDA, but also the fact that we unfortunately cannot count on the entire community to be objective of person's ability to keep the position even if privately they are having a beef with said person. We cannot allow any of GMs to suffer their positive or negative image with some people in the community, which would absolutely ruin their own objective approach to their duties. Abuse of powers by treating someone unfairly better because they are a friend, as well as carrying a stigma over something they allegedly did is both counterproductive, and even though we gave it a go, it did not give us the results we looked for. Therefore, unfortunately no. We will not be publishing the identities of the users we've chosen.

    Hmm... And what about the flip side? How do i know your GM will be neutral with me while i have a bus of sneaky haters behind me?

    Should i close my eyes, trust your selection, invest time and money if maybe i have a sword of Damocles above the head?

    I'm not sure... Or at least you have to lay the game of the year.

    Seriously that's suck, i rarely agree with aroa but yes some transparency please.

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  10. If i understand this is an event like citadel?

    Would like to see FE under the snow (at least some importants places). It is a lot of work to replace few textures and add a scrip to drop the snow?


    On 12/14/2018 at 12:44 AM, Aroa Croft said:

    edit: I care rather little that whatever it is they give me dislikes without any sense, whoever it is, he himself retracts that he is a troll  ; D


    I guess they don't like patootie kisser.

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  11. You can't compare an Archeage fresh start to a Fallen Earth one.
    Fresh start on Archeage is the last way TRINO have to make money with their cashshop updates.
    They don't care about players. TRINO is from far the worst company i've ever seen.
    They shouldn't be able to work on video games, it's an insult to players and people who would have liked to work on videos games like me. It's a mess.
    Archeage is a constantly race to get stuffed, on fresh start you mainly have new players, comeback players (who gave up their old account a long time ago) and some fulltime players / P2W who play also on legacy servers.
    Archeage fresh start servers get empty very quickly.
    After 4 years the gap between new and old players is too important, even with the planned obsolescence of the stuff.
    It is pretty easy to get stuffed on Fallen Earth compared to Archeage and it's a good thing.
    They are so desperate that recently they have completely changed the combat system (like G1 did) and we still have an unbalanced game.
    In my opinion a Fallen Earth restart could only be benefic if it solve technical problems. Otherwise it will be worse than good.

  12. 15 hours ago, Vít Eliášek said:

    Well, with changes like that i think a rework PvP zone debuff is in order, instead of flat skill, hp and gamma regen reduction (or in the case of extreme debuf complete disabling) it should be changed in such way that would merely balance the high level player stats to the low level ones. As in, giving players in level 15 PvP zone a fighting chance against lvl 55, while still enabling the high level player to use mutations and gear (not reducing all stats to 0).

    That way people would not be forced into PvP zones they dont like (or ones that are flat out broken or bugged out *erhm*AlphaCoutry*erhm*) and they wouldn´t need to have alt-chars/ accounts for low(er) level zones.
    Though I have no idea what kind of system could do this, while keeping everything balanced and without giving programmers a headache.

    Hard to find a viable solution...
    In the past, some veterans even made low level alt to shunt the debuff.
    We know a lvl 35 veteran is far superior to a lvl 35 beginner.
    It resulted as no one pvp zone available for beginners.

  13. 16 hours ago, Calais said:
    20 hours ago, Kishoot said:

    Simply remove the 2 or 3 lowest resolutions or at least the lowest.
    Who is playing in 800x600 in 2018 if it's not to exploit?

    Not exactly possible and would easily be circumvented. What is possible is making crosshair scale with resolution.  I'd propose the size of the crosshair in 1920x1080 and the size of the reticle in 2560x1440.
    If you say so.
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  14. #First

    On 5/31/2018 at 3:48 PM, Finnery said:

    Not yet, i thought you were too ^-^

    She was, so much tears on old forum and steam.

    You were VAC banned if i remember right.

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