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  1. Aurora_Valis

    Random guy plays and reviews APB

    "bronze gameplay xD"
  2. Aurora_Valis

    Hardware IP bans!?!?!?!

    I'm all for implementing more security to combat cheaters, but only when they are actually going to work properly. If they won't, they'll only become an incentive for scriptkiddies to bypass.
  3. Aurora_Valis

    Post 'Battleye' Update statistics

    Last time something like that was publicized, the community turned into full on autism galore, to put it mildly. No thanks.
  4. You probably checked them several years ago. Good luck finding retail keys now.
  5. OSMAW/Mikro I love whipsers from blown up enemies calling me a noob. And I love hot hatch cars.
  6. Aurora_Valis

    Chat and Theme idea

    I've just deleted all the sample files and I can't hear death themes at all. Honestly I don't even see the reason to restore them as this is a nice, but still eventually annoying gimmick.
  7. Aurora_Valis


    I should say that you'll have more luck getting emotes with higher rank. I kept getting more of them the closer I was to R195.
  8. Jokes aside, what should count in threat calculation is play time on the whole account. The accumulated experience is a huge boon, but it never counts, so in the end we have situations like new players paired against smurfs moping the floor with them.
  9. Aurora_Valis

    my banana

    makes you horny isn't it
  10. Aurora_Valis

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 (1023) discussion

    How's it like being an elitist snob? I'm just curious, as I've been here since the same time you are, and for some reason I haven't got into such sorry state.
  11. Aurora_Valis

    When does the Halloween Event start?

    I wouldn't mind if event won't happen this year, as long as LO will actually deliver engine upgrade by the end of 2018. I mean, I'd rather play a more refined game without events than the current lagging and stuttering mess.
  12. Aurora_Valis

    my banana

  13. Aurora_Valis

    anime is good for you

    Anime can be about anything you'd like, there's plenty of variety
  14. Aurora_Valis

    Armas Market - Continued

    the issue would be the open slot secondary being locked behind a thousand dollar paywall That one was acknowledged by Matt Scott, so I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.